Thursday, August 31, 2017

The Best of August

Growing some more, feeling pregnant
Being hospitalized in our hometown and laying in bed and
turning around to see Ahava walking around the room
like this...I asked her what she was doing and she said
she had a "baby in her belly too," I nearly pee'd my pants
I laughed so hard.
In disbelief that I get another ER helicopter ride...Lord help me!
Praying and believing
Encouragement from our dearest friends
Wheelchair ride snuggle for me!
Hospital sleepovers, buying time.
The arrival of God's gift to me, Ezekias Kandor.

My precious son, I cannot even begin to explain what God has done, maybe some day
I will be able to write more of all that happened, but basically, God is
AMAZING and He gives good gifts
My precious son, Ezekias, which is Hebrew for "God is a God of Strength!"

Auntie Ana and Ezekias
My first time holding him

Ahava's first time meeting him, she says "Hi! I'm Ahava, I am
going to be your big sister..."
Can you even ask for a better photo???


Auntie Vicki is there to celebrate with us!

Ahava starts kindergarten

Ezekias never needed oxygen or help breathing so was out of the NICU fast
and into Special Care where he just needed help learning to eat

Grammy with her grandchildren!

Ahava inspecting Ezekias's toes....SO CUTE!

My precious friend coming to meet Ezekias

Spending time with Grampy!

Monday, July 31, 2017

The Best of July

Celebrating the 4th and setting off the lady bug fireworks!

Soccer Camp and how Ahava was the only girl, but one
of the best players

Being creative!

Ahava's first sleepover at Auntie Ana's!

Squirrels trying to be birds

College friends coming to visit me!

Our beautiful girl

Friday, June 30, 2017

The Best of June

Watching Bryan and Ahava do their Daddy/Daughter Dance
for this years Showcase Recital

An Aunt Vicki hug makes the world a better place!

Family who came to watch Ahava dance for Jesus

Praising God for every day

Our beautiful ballerina

Grampy and Ellen coming to see Ahava dance

Launch Camp!  SOOOOOOOOOO cool!

My beautiful niece Bella dancing!

Sleep overs in Mama and Papa's room

Our daughter who worships Jesus because she wants too!

Celebrating fathers day....a.k.a. SUPERMAN

Driving in the car with my family

Ahava growing her plant person...

...and giving her first hair cut!!!!

Seeing Grammy, Ge-Ma (who is 92) and Ahava play monkey
in the middle and LOVING it


Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Best of May

Ahava's 5th Birthday Party

Celebrating the most amazing 5 year old ever!

Auntie Ana's surprise present for Ahava! A PINK pony
who came to give the kids rides!

Precious friends to walk through life with

Beautiful cups that were made especially for Ahava's special day!
A precious teacher who loves the Lord so much and
has shown His Love to our kids this year in so many ways
Having a good day!
Ahava's 5th birthday book is done! Here are all 5 of them!
Praise God!
NICU Buddies!
Ahava's drawings, can you see the special part of it????
Facetiming my beautiful niece!

Finally being the one to wear the birthday hat at school (Her birthday was the
last celebration on the last day of school!)