Thursday, March 10, 2005

If I Were A Butterfly

If I were a butterfly I would be pink.
I would never disregard where came from and the changes I went through
I would embrace life and show others that I made it, even when no one believed I would
If I were a butterfly I would fly over to your house and land on the tree in your backyard
I would see you there outside thinking to yourself
Pondering day to day about the big questions of life
And I would cause you to think about beauty instead of pain

If I were a butterfly I’d look for you in a crowd
I would see you there amongst the people and soar towards you
I would fly to your hand and my touch would change your life forever
All the wounds in your heart would be lifted from your soul
I would take them and place them far away from you, burying them deep beneath
And hope and peace would cascade over your face

My beauty would remind you always of an eternal home for you in heaven
With freedom and splendor covering every place so no shadow would create darkness
My fluttering wings would spread as you gaze in awe at a creature created just for you
For that moment, and only as to obey my Creator
If I were a butterfly your dreams would come to reality
And sorrow would vanish

If I were a butterfly you would see me for who I was
Being once so different and unknown
I would embrace and yield to the changes I could not control
And end up living with purpose and elegance
Visiting those whose need a miracle
And that is just what I’d be,
An angel in disguise

1 comment:

Kyle said...

Hi, I'm Kyle Martin. You don't know me but I just came across your blog. I happened to read your entry from election day about the woman you saw in a blue SUV with the Kerry sticker. I'm almost certain that it was my mother in law. It may have also said something like, GOD isn't a Republican (or a Democrat), and had stickers for Charlie Stenholm. She is a brave woman, and she would be glad that even Bush supporters recognize that. I, too, graduated from ACU in 2001. My older brother in 99 and younger brother this last December. I just wanted to comment because I thought the coincidence was too good.