Wednesday, September 21, 2005


I am one for surprises. You know, the ones you don’t see coming. To surprise me, it is very hard. Almost everything I can remember that was supposed to be a surprise in fact was something I already knew. I am good at recognizing altered actions and decoding certain clues to discover what is going on. All except my sister planning a surprise birthday party for me when I turned 13 (thanks sis!). For that, I truly was caught off guard. Either way, I appreciate being surprised or the desire for one to offer excitement and spontaneity.

In addition to positive surprises there are also uncomfortable ones…like tonight. I was taken aback while visiting a friend of mine. It is probably the third or fourth time we ever talked, but I like her and think despite circumstances of the “event,” we are good buddies. The sun was setting and the air felt cool as we walk along the dirt path. I love when the sun goes down in Texas; beauty is evident in the colors as it shines from horizon to horizon. Romy, looks at me with the sun setting in her eyes and we talk. I know she understands. Then she starts to sniff me and it tickles. She has hair on her nose (shhh…don’t tell her, she may not know yet!). Then completely out of the blue, as she smells my pants…she opens her mouth and she bites me! It was hard and good, enough force that left a colorful bruise. Yes, she did! Completely in awe, I have no idea what to do. I have never been bit by a horse before, but understood this was a four month old who wanted to play and nip like a puppy. The problem was this “puppy” was nearly 200 pounds or more of muscle and wild energy that cannot be contained by me.

Surprise is accomplished. I did not see it coming and would have never thought this beautiful four-month old horse would bite in a playful manner. Kelli looked at me and decided it is a perfect time to announce my initiation of horse handling. I guess only the lucky and talented get bit! Maybe I’ll stick to pretending to be surprised. It’s safer this way! All I can say is my thigh is definitely more colorful than it was before!

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