Wednesday, December 28, 2005

IBG Holiday

Gracey is not fond of snow. She walks two steps and then looks at me with her Chawennie little eyes and waits for me to come get her and transport her to the only patch of grass in site! Spoiled, I know!

She is the best present ever!

Friday, December 16, 2005


Grace in the Face
Fruit Bat
Gooferoni with Cheese
Gooferoni with Fleas
Wiggly Worm
Wiggely Duub
Chawennie Dawg
Wiggie Woo
Dubb Dobber
Clickety Toe Nails
Little Squirrel
It doesn't matter what I call her, she is my angel with fur!
Love you,

Sunday, December 11, 2005


I just returned from seeing “The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe” with an entire group of people I know. I do not want to give it away to anyone, so be at ease with my thoughts for they do not give detail. I can say volumes about this film, but one thing that continues in my mind is that I am speechless. Praise God for this, for what it portrays Him as, and how it has reached my heart tonight and spoke softly to those places where I once too covered with ice. It is worth going to see it in the theater. I thought I cried when I saw Titanic, I know laugh, but tears were inescapable and countless. Oh if I could carry you into my heart and prove my respect to C.S. Lewis and the beauty I saw tonight. The story I knew growing up as a child, one recognized and read throughout the nation, one attributing glory to Jesus, one validating the energy and mind of a child, has attainted status in the theatrical realm and most of all in my heart.

I am literally overwhelmed with emotion as a result from Narnia. I am so thankful got to see it tonight. It has blessed me. How weird to think a movie could change my heart and draw me to the Lord with reverence and hunger to know Him deeper. Now if a movie can do this, it’s gotta be worth seeing! So if you haven't seen it yet then what are you doing still reading this, go see it! Just bring a box of tissues with ya, k?

Friday, December 09, 2005

Bad Romney Bad

I am from Massachusetts. I grew up there and spent 17 years in the same house on Porter Rd. in East Longmeadow until I went to Texas in 1998. I had two parents who arrived in the USA as refugees from a communistic country at the time, Hungary. All the odds as far as conforming to society were against me. I should have sought acceptance and complied with outrageous beliefs of government force that manipulate teachings and education. But somewhere in my heart I rejected abortion, evolution, and other non-sense. My concern, however, remains and has elevated with recent events on the political genre. Unfortunately, for Massachusetts, I am afraid all hope I ever had of esteem has dissipated. I am most definitely and prominently addressing and accusing governor Mitt Romney. God help him, for he has no clue what he has done by signing this bill.

As of recently, the capricious man has finally made up his mind after months and months of being pushed around by other legislation. Initially, Romney, a Mormon, vetoed the bill that would make it not only legal, but required by law in both private and public hospitals, to have women who have been raped to be administered what they call the “Emergency Contraceptive Pill,” which is basically the morning after pill that annihilates the already joined embryo. Back in July, Romney took quite a beating for this action. Norma Sharpiro, Legislative Director spoke frankly to the disliking of his decision. She says,

Romney Turns his Back on Women in Trouble
By Norma Shapiro, Legislative Director, ACLU of Massachusetts

What a cad! Mitt Romney has turned his back on Massachusetts women by vetoing theEmergency Contraception bill. Just as bad, he has broken his promise to Massachusettsvoters.

Perhaps blinded by visions of the Rose Garden, the Governor cavalierly vetoed the billthat would have enable women to obtain emergency contraception before becomingpregnant.

Doesn’t he realize that rape victims, among others, would be hurt by his veto? Should arape victim be denied contraception in an emergency room? How about a woman whowants to avoid pregnancy when a condom breaks? Doesn’t the Governor realize thatblocking access to contraception increases the likelihood that more women will seekabortions?Or is this veto all about political expediency?Romney’s presidential aspirations seem a much more likely explanation for his veto thanthe lame excuses he has offered up to the public. First, he wrongly equates access tocontraception with access to abortion. Second, he invokes the notion that each stateshould make its own laws on abortion -- when this is bill is about contraception, notabortion, and has overwhelming support of the people and their elected representatives inthe legislature?Neither excuse holds up.

Contraception is not the same thing as abortion. The American College of Obstetriciansand Gynecologists defines pregnancy as the implantation of a fertilized egg in the womb.No pregnancy test will confirm a pregnancy before such implantation. Emergencycontraception, like all birth control, works prior to pregnancy – to prevent pregnancy. Infact, if you take emergency contraception and you are already pregnant, it will not harmor end the pregnancy.Rather than prevent abortions, Governor Romney’s veto of the Emergency Contraceptionbill makes it more likely that women will suffer unwanted pregnancies and will seekabortions.

Accessed from

And it goes on with most contemptible filth trying to justify the notion. Seeking to validate the force of this bill upon hospitals that no doubt have been founded on such opinion that life is life when it begins in the womb.

The thought of rape is disgusting. I don’t know what I would do, but I know…and I don’t just say this, but I KNOW this, that God is able to take anything terrible and make it into something beautiful. And yes, even if a girl gets pregnant as a result of evilness. I don’t have all the answers of why this happens, or what God thinks when that happens, but I promise you, if that women seeks the Lord, not everything will be easy, but maybe even so that child will be an incredible blessing.

Adding to this, Romney miraculously changes his mind slowly and addresses the media to say he will support and sign the bill in favor. The reason: politics and that is all. That is all that matters. He desires to run for Presidency and waved the action due to pressure of influential congressmen who other wise would have not supported him through the campaign. Here is another report on his evolving inconsistency.

Adviser says governor faked stance on abortion Asserts Romney not 'pro-choice'
By Raphael Lewis, Globe Staff June 3, 2005

Governor Mitt Romney's top political strategist has told a prominent conservative magazine that his client has been ''faking" his support of abortion rights in Massachusetts.

''He's been a pro-life Mormon faking it as a pro-choice friendly," Romney adviser Michael Murphy told the National Review in a cover story hitting newstands today titled ''Matinee Mitt."

Murphy, a prominent Republican consultant, issued a statement of regret yesterday afternoon after a prepublication copy of the article circulated among political strategists and reporters and threatened to overshadow the positive exposure Romney was getting from appearing on the cover of two conservative magazines this week.''The quote in the National Review article was not what I meant to communicate," Murphy's statement said. ''I was discussing a characterization the governor's critics use. I regret the quote and any confusion it might have caused."

Romney ran for US Senate in 1994 pledging to keep abortion ''safe and legal in this country." As a 2002 candidate for governor, Romney said he would not change the state's abortion laws. But in recent months, he has described himself as ''personally prolife" to out-of-town political audiences. And last month, he told USA Today that he is in a ''different place" on abortion than when he ran in 1994 against US Senator Edward M. Kennedy. A Romney spokeswoman said he had ''evolved over time," but would not elaborate.

Accessed from:

Romney has no basis for integrity. It does not surprise me, no…, it only sickens me to the point where I am writing about this in fury. The issue of this notion should not be at the exposal of a governor, espcially one that is leashed and pulled like a dog who doesn’t know where he is going.

It is just sick. If I were raped and needed medical attention, I would not go to the hospital. It is an issue of the heart, not of politics, not of Mitt Romney and all his needed splendor to feel superior to get votes for presidency.

I will be writing a letter to him. And just in case someone did not get what I am saying, I am definitely singleing out Romney and his hypocricy of oath, beliefs, and personhood. Again, God help him when and if he realizes whom he eventually has to stand in front of one day. The Lord in all His compassion speaks volumes of children, love, and life.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Jammin' in Jesus

I think I might be deaf. I stood by the Mother of all Subwoofers tonight at a rockin’ concert with Toby Mack, Barlow Girls, and other wonderful artist. The sound system hung high up above my head, 10 systems long, tilted and produced the most effective sounds available. Not only this but the actual production of the noise through the amps created its own winds and shook the ground below as well as my pants, shirt, and all my internal organs. Wow, the feeling of everything around me thumping to the beat was incredible. Most of the music was upbeat rock, hip-hop or rap. Very diverse, yet satisfactory. Several things past through my mind as I listen and danced inventing my own moves to praise the Lord. Firstly I thought, wow, it is freezing literally in Abilene right now so the title “Winter Wonder Slam” for the concert fit well. Secondly, millions and millions of teenagers surrounded us. Ok, so maybe I am over exaggerating a little, but it certainly felt that way with all the hormones and odors flying around. I noticed a couple that must be in high school. They both wore their sport sweatshirts and held hands throughout the night. Do you remember when love and relationships were so innocent? I remember a guy I dated back in high school. Things were so innocent. We looked out for each other, had fun, and pretended I guess to have romance. But even at this it was still valuable and something I cherish still today. Then, entering college and dating after college and right now, sometimes I wish for a second, that things were that simple again. Although in fact high school and simple are not words that should be associated together at least for me. And now things are more complicated with being a teenager. Thirdly, so often I judge people. People I know and those I don’t I judge. I don’t sit there and think or say “this person is like this or that,” but even a slight snotty action towards people who are just living, having fun, or trying to get by. Fourthly, music is so amazing. It creates an emotional response; one that should be honored by wanted to praise God. All the bands tonight did just this, gave God glory. Not superficially, but honestly and sincerely. I believe no one is better than another. No status, job, importance, or income constitutes someone’s appraisal for significance. We all just have different job, different abilities, and different way to give God glory. So in fact the bands tonight should not be glorified, but perhaps respected as they gather people together, all on the same level to admire God.

I want to remember how special everyday is. Really, sit there today and watch something…the kids, the weather, the ladybug crawling up the sidewalk, seek beauty. We live in a world with so much death, sadness, and despair, it is up to us to create joy and notice the small things in life. I am real, not perfect. I stumble, I mess up, I say stupid things, I hurt people I love. There just has to be a secret, a way to enjoy every day even if it involves pain. Something deeper remains in this world. All the lights, the music, the people, the crowd dancing and shouting tonight is a reminder to me. Lastly, I thought of how amazing it will be when Jesus returns.

Remember: If we always seek for the next event in our lives, marriage, a baby, retirement, or a promotion, we never live in the today. Everyday becomes illusive because we never fully grasp the right now, the today, the things we have control over rather than the things we worry about either in the past or future.

And for now, if you talk to me in the next couple of days I might be screaming because I really can’t hear much. Hey, I thought it was worth it at the time!

Peace to you today and always,
Olivia M. Lility

PS. Gracey is doing better thanks for all the concerns. I will let you know when I know anything but it looks like the surgery will have to wait until after Christmas and Chemo. It seems though she may be doing better. Maybe it will continue this way! If so praise God.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Dear Friends,

Wow, I haven’t written in ages. Lots have been happening. Always good with a little bad thrown in as well.

Thanksgiving was great. Ate lots and lots and had the company of wonderful barats.

Turned 25 the day after.

Traveled to San Antonio.

Been challenged spiritually, physically, mentally, and creatively.

Lots to do before I leave to MA which is less than 2 weeks away.

Gracey is injured in which surgery is the suggested remedy.
She is my angel with fur no doubt and the drama unfolding around this has taken
much of my emotional energy.

20/20 is awesome. Met with and as a part of the leadership team this past Saturday. It was honoring to know we all respect each other, listen to our thoughts, and not only pray for wisdom but live as though we are seeking this.

I just completed the 20/20 DVD for 2005 and will be showing it on Friday. I am so excited at what God has done over these few months. It is more than a Bible study, we are a family. We watch out for each other and that is the way it is supposed to be.

Now that this media presentation is complete I have a little more time to eat, sleep, and live.
We decorated Elmwood Manor this past weekend and it looks so fun. Here are some photos of the day.

Please pray for me today. For Gracey. Pray for me and many others in this world who seem to experience a sense of loss during this time of year.
Pray for the men and women who wont to be home for Christmas because of positions in the military. They sacrifice so much for our freedom, more than we know. Let’s not forget what they do for us and for our families.

With Hope,

Olivia and Gracey