Monday, February 27, 2006


I was reading my study Bible last night and came upon this quote that really spoke to me about completeness. It seems so wonderful how I am getting encouragement at just the right time for certian issues I am facing.

"My moments of being most complete, most intergrated, have come either in complete solitude of when I am being a part of a body made up of many people going the same direction. A vivid example is a great symphony orchestra, where each instrument is completely necessary for the whole; a violin cannot take the place of a trombone, nor symbals of the harp; and there are even times when the lowly triangle is the focus of the music."
Madeleine L'Engle

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Playing in the Park

Went to the park with friends today and just
sat around on a blanket, talked, and played
some guitar. It was so much fun. The sun was out
it was the upper 70's, Gracey was Chawennie'ing about.
I feel so blessed to have such a network of friends
I can call on for anything. Of course I brought
my camera which was passed around quite
a bit...but that is always fun!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

In memory

In loving Memory of

Marisa Villenueva

A friend, roommate, and sister in Christ, who went to be with the Lord 8 years ago today.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

"the New World"

I went and saw the movie “the New World” tonight with some friends. It actually was a birthday event for Kelli! Happy Birthday Best Friend! The premise is the Pocahontas story of the English invading the new land, the battle with the “Savages,” and a romance that develops beyond time, space, and boundaries. Colin Farrell did a spectacular job displaying sincerity, intensity, and passion. Wow, I can say those eyes impressed me for sure. Beyond the appearance of the cast, something else seemed to really touch me. Of all the movies today with wild force, loud constant music, and enough flashing to send someone into an ecliptic shock, this ones beauty remains solely on silence speaking for the most powerful moments. What cannot be said, the emotions one feels but can’t express, and the authenticity of love between the characters did not require anything but the stillness. It is not something I am used to doing or even seeing in a movie these days, but it was so stirring. It had battle in it, and heartache, but over all I felt as though it was a story…just like yours and mine could be...who knows right? (wink-wink)

It is definitely worth seeing.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Seed

Last night I had a dream that in turn shed light into my mind. I have been asking for wisdom. I pray for it everyday. I seek truth in the Word and praise God even in the midst of confusion for what He is about to do. I write this in dedication and prayer for me and for Amy, a great and dear friend.

While I was numbed with fatigue lying in my bed staring at the ceiling, a symbolic vision was given to me. This is what I saw:

A girl was walking down the road on a beautiful day. She did this a lot…seeking…craving…yearning for beauty. The sun and breeze united to perform a harmonious dance of comfort and peace. The spring was her favorite season and soon she was no longer following the road, but decided in order to see the performance of the flowers, she’d have to frolic amongst the field. She held out her hands, palms down, and allowed each plant and flower to entertain her while she walked by. Continuing her walk, she noticed a tall flower. It was pink with touches of purple only the mind of our Creator Himself could illustrate. She had never seen anything like it. Towards the bottom of it there lay a seed. It must have fallen from the plant, and she quickly scooped it up into her small warm hands cradling it as though it were a tiny baby on her palm. The afternoon peaked, and the sun slowly began its way to the west where it would sleep until morning. Gathering up her sandals and the seed still in hand, she skipped home with complete delight.

Days and weeks passed. Months and years passed. Her focus was the seed. It was instantly something so precious to her. She loved it and it never left her sight.

More days and weeks passed. Several more months and years passed. She was unhappy. She never knew why. She had the seed still and loved it dearly. She knew God gave it to her…and it was hers. So why did she feel this way? She took the seed in her hand and heard the voice of the Lord calling her… “Walk with me.” She heard this nudge before and made her way to the field where so long ago God gave her the very seed she looked at.

The field was even more beautiful now. New flowers grew and the grass was as if it were a silk ocean of green with blue reflecting from the sky. She followed the barely visible path she had made when she was a child and stopped when she came to the same flower her seed fell from. It still stood higher then the rest. She sat down by it and took her seed from her pocket and held it in her hands. She asked God why He led her here. She prayed that He would show her what He needed to in order to release the sadness in her heart.

He waited.

She waited.

A breeze came over her and she heard a sweet voice whispering, “My child, let go.” She didn’t understand. The only thing she ever loved and cherished was the seed. Why would God take it away from her? She began to cry.

He came even gentler this time.

He explained to her she must let go in order for Him to give her what He had always known all along. Though the years with the seed brought joy, she had the ability to take it, let go by burying it, and then although the seed was gone, the plant she admired and adored would be hers forever. She held on tightly to the seed and grasped His words. All along she had the ability to be completely happy and held on too tightly to what she thought was the greatest gift, yet there was more. She needed to do what He asked.

When she arrived home she got on her knees and dug a small hole in the earth. Placing the seed into the hole, she thanked God for His gifts.

Days and weeks passed. And one day she saw the flower. It was beautiful. She took care of it and loved it and it was her greatest joy. It satisfied her beyond anything she every imagined.

How silly is it to have a seed in our hands when it could become something bigger and better. Yeah…it takes time and commitment, but eventually it grows. What are we treating like seeds? What do we try holding on to so tightly that gives no room for God to take and make it even more amazing than we ever imagined? Maybe there is something you have been holding onto as though it was everything when in truth God can make it even better and satisfy your heart. We settle over things and sacrifice keeping them the same because we are scared and we rather live in fear then stop and listen to the whispers of God screaming at us “But there’s so much more!”

Plant your seed today and watch it grow into something you never expected.
Something beautiful.
Something wonderful.
Something that brings incredible worship to God.

With Hope,