Monday, December 11, 2006

Something's Gotta Give

Bryan and I were so blessed the other night to go to the Rebecca St. James concert. We actual inherited the tickets 1 hour before the concert started. It was very nice. She is beautiful both inside and out. I write because we actually had the opportunity to hear her brothers (2 out of 8!!!) perform their new song “Something’s Gotta Give.” It was very touching and expresses truth about the risk of believing in something that is bigger than who we are. Something has to give inside of us, is it going to be a choice of ourselves or is it going to be the Lord. We can’t change what happens in our lives, but when we surrender to God, our heart explodes to the one who caused it in us, Jesus. It feels like a cry of a decision between our past or our future.
To hear the song go to:

Check it out!!!

Monday, December 04, 2006


I can’t believe it is over. We have planned December 2 for over three months now and it has graced us with its joy and left us with the remainder of memories. I knew when I was dancing with Bryan that it was only a moment, an instant that I couldn’t hold on to. And in the glory of it a particular sadness residues in place of what was once wonder of “how would it be.” The faces, the smells, the colors, and laughter all add up to what was envisioned, a celebration!

I woke up Sunday morning realizing there was no more planning, just aftermath that has no gain on the initial preparation to begin with. I felt like the movie, “Just Married,” where the bride begins to cry immediately when they arrive at the hotel that night because it was over and she would never get to wear her dress or relive that time.

The only consolation is simply the memory in itself. Definitely one thing I will always remember is the first time I walked into the reception hall after I went and got ready. Earlier that morning we all had a practice run of our entrance. We set up a couple of things on the tables and then left. After this Baack’s florist arrived along with Top Cat Catering to finish arranging the tables with beautiful centerpieces and place settings. I actually had the blessing of walking in myself. I slowly opened the doors and could hardly believe it! It was exactly how I pictured it! The arrangements were beautiful. Red roses painted the tables in arranged vases. Some were small and other centerpieces were tall with lit candelabra’s. It was a site to see! I visualized a romantic formal evening that had elegance.

I had wonderful bridesmaids who were loving and kind to me the whole time they were here. They are family to me and I wish I could have done more to show them how much I love them. I tried to accomplish this with my DVD. I had a dream about doing this DVD for a long time and began to work on it. Slowly it became what was desired and I was very pleased with the way it turned out and the effect it had on the people we honored.

I am so thankful to God for blessing us with everyone who came. I know a lot of people who wanted to be there and couldn’t. I am just glad everyone was safe and we have such a great memory to reflect on.

Thank You.

Olivia and Bryan Brigham