Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Bryan made omelettes for us the other day and he actually flipped it in the air and caught it in the pan. It was so funny. I tried to get it in action, but I was too slow, or too tired. Breakfast was very yummy!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Angel From Heaven

Every time I see this photo, I think of Natalie as my angel in heaven.
and about a story I wrote long ago and posted here about her
visiting me as an angel. Here is what I wrote in August 2005:

A little girl knocked on my front door this morning. I was not expecting anyone; so peering out the window I was shocked to see her standing there. She looked about two-years-old and stood contently on the fact that I would be opening the door at any minute. I grabbed the handle and looked outside. Her eyes lit up and a smile formed that could melt a frozen soul. I bent down to examine her. Was she in trouble? Without a second to spare she ran into my arms and embraced my heart. Her hair was tied with a pink ribbon and she smelled of strawberries and vanilla with a touch of jasmine. Her eyes were distinct like that of a crystal sparkling with every color imagined. Rosy cheeks and pink lips freshly signified she was happy, loved, and well taken care of. Her dress was white adorned with pink satin. On the waste band were the words “faith, hope, and love.” She was not wearing any shoes and as her toes wiggled at my sides it tickled both of us simultaneously. She laughed touching her nose to mine, and at that moment, starring into her eyes, I knew who she was, it was Natalie. I carried her inside and sat her in my lap, laughing, crying, and not wanting to let go of her. Her words were soft and sweet as she spoke “Mama, I love you.” My tears fell freely while holding her close knowing this moment would not last forever. “I love you too, Natalie.” I did not see her wings until she hopped down off my lap and headed towards the door. She stopped before turning the handle, looked back at me with those unfathomable eyes, and smiled. I did not try to stop her. I knew she couldn’t stay. The love we have is beyond senses. It reaches deep in my soul where true emotion stands for those who await us as angels in heaven.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

National Take Your Dog to Work Day/ Jacob's Wedding

June 22, 2007 was a great day. It was National Take Your Dog to Work Day AND it was one of my greatest friends wedding, Cory and Laura! Congrats!

In honor of all the hard working pets out there who are loyal to helping people emotionally, physically, and spiritually, they named June 22 a day to honor your little fury friends. Gracey came to part of my job yesterday and Bryan made this little sign for us. She was the greatest assistant ever on four paws! I am so thankful for her.

Cory and Laura's wedding was a success! They said "I do." I got tons of great photos as their photographer, and was blessed to see them continue on this journey, but now as one!

JUNE 22, 2007

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Gracey and Gracey?

When I went home to visit my family this past May, I was not able to bring Gracey like I usually do. Not only that, but Bryan was not able to come because of his work schedule. It was a long 11 days! When I got there my mom told me she had a silly present to give me. She made me close my eyes and placed my "replacement Gracey" on my hands! Gracey #2 was cute and cuddly, but definitely not like the real thing. I promised my mom I would take a photo with them together and here are the results! Two cute, bashful, little Gracey Faces with tons of toys to play with.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Some Leftovers Please!?

Yesterday Bryan and I came back later from church than usual and began to make a left over plate lunch. It was great since we cooked a lot this week. But, Oh Boy! Gracey was on HIGH Sniffer alert. All the smells and deliciousness was dancing around her little nose in teaseful mockery. After we ate, with a Chawennie inspecting audience of one, we went to clear the leftovers in the trash as we usually do. We keep it under the sink and Bryan took out the trash barrel and began to scrape the leftovers off. Then I heard from the other room, Bryan laughing and saying “stay” to Gracey and telling me to get over there quick. Gracey is smart! She knew exactly where to go to get some leftovers as well. I couldn’t believe she went in there, can you?

Thursday, June 14, 2007

In The Eye

I want See what You are doing
I want to Feel Your presence around me
I want to Obey Your word and live it not just in my head, but in my heart and through actions
I want to Trust Your plan for my life and my family’s life
I want to Follow You
I want to Be Faithful to who You say I am
I want to Listen to You and learn my Shepherd’s voice, that when darkness comes, I can still follow with security
I want to live with less of me and More of You
I want to Surrender who I am, to Your glory and purpose
I want to Expose darkness and evil
I want to Love the unlovable
I want to Step in Faith, and not be afraid to find the true Jesus, the one who does miracles
I want to Desire You, not security and normalcy
I want to Prove to You I am Hungry and Thirsty for Truth
I want to Seek wisdom and knowledge that dwells in You
I want to Learn from my mistakes
I want to Cry out for the injustice of the way we treat people in this world
I want to Shout for Joy, as I marvel at what you have done in me
I want to Beg for mercy to those who I pray will know You personally someday
I want to Live to Love
I want to be Peaceful and encouraging
I want to See Your face in the people around me
I want You
I want You my King Jesus!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A Prarie Dog

Gracey had fun on an adventure with us. First she chawennie'd*
through the grass lands, and then then through the flood waters.
She really had fun sniffering everything in site!

* Chawennie: (adj.) too run about in such a way as though no one is watching and you are having the best time of your life.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


So why photography? What is it about a photo, a good one, a one-in-a-million shot that creates such pleasure in my heart? It is because I want to reflect the Creator. I want His beauty to be known and seen. Sure enough we are bombarded by visual stimulation, but my approach is to remain simple. A photo. It is a documentary of a single moment that in itself can say more than an entire film. I don’t need epileptic-causing strobe lights to catch my attention. I’ve been told we are the most bored society and we have much promoting entertainment and fulfillment. What happened to a good book, a painting, or a photo? Maybe one day, these too will be old fashion.

Maybe an appropriate question is, is God favorable of complexity or simplicity? Where do you fall on this procession? Do you let the simple things bring you pleasure anymore? I feel like, the more and more we favor complexity, the more we fill our lives with things to distract us from God. When there is too much in the way, there is no time to sit and really feel. And if we can’t feel, then we don’t have to deal with reality. We become autopilot people. We live. We get angry when someone wrongs us. We begin to defend ourselves, when in truth; we don’t even have a right to. (“Have We No Right” Williamson).