Thursday, November 13, 2008

Day to Day Stuff

Sometimes I can’t even believe it is already November. It seems like just yesterday we were in Israel. Today we were switching our closets to winter clothes for the next whole 8 weeks until it is summer again. It took a long time to do this, but it was needed. I love organizing and making things easier to get to. Talent comes into play when you are limited in closet space. I think we are almost graduated to professional at this point. As I grow older I notice how much I want to be simple and not have clutter. I know there are important things to have, but I just don’t feel everything needs to be out all the time. I rather pack away stuff we like but don’t need right now then have it on a shelf making it overloaded.

In reality I almost think we have way too much stuff anyway. I just don’t really care about it. If something breaks you can’t change that it happened. It is not like it will last forever anyway. There are some things though that I take really good care of like Natalie’s stuff and my hope chest that Gracey scratched at one point! (I know, bad Chawennie. She wanted to get up and see out the window at an old place and scratched it).

It is such a challenge to live life one day at a time, making the most out of every moment. I think this is even harder to do then worrying about the future. Life keeps going through all the ups and downs. And then you end up months later looking back on everything that happened and wonder how in the world you did it. God. That’s how.

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Leaders In Learning said...

Funny, I was thinking myself of how I need to simplify again. That stuff creeps up on you.