Monday, November 24, 2008

Dear Elora

Dear Elora,

I can’t sleep because I am thinking about you constantly. I wake up seeing your face, I go about my day dreaming of days together, and fall asleep unwillingly with visions of loving you more than I ever thought capable. I wonder what it will be like seeing you for the first time. I have prayed for you more than I have ever prayed for anything in my entire existence. You are a legacy, and opportunity to prove to God I love Him and want to raise a child for His purpose and glory. You are a promise. I will not force you to be Bryan and I. It is true that most biological children have characteristics of their parents. I wont raise you in denial that we adopted you out of faith and trust in Jesus. I will accept your entrance with joy and wonder and it will be my delight to acknowledge this and encourage you to be who you are as a child of God, not who we think you should be because we are your parents. I love you and cherish you already. I am looking forward to growing. Motherhood is no doubt a challenge that never ceases. And as everything in my life exists to draw me closer to God, so will you. You will know who Jesus is because I will thank Him everyday that you are my daughter. You will know He worked His love in our lives as you were chosen for us. I will not be perfect, but I will love.

Your Mommy


BeckyJoie at Leaders in Learning said...

What a beautiful post!

BK said...

What a great letter. You're already a wonderful Mommy.