Saturday, November 15, 2008

Happy Birthday to my Favorite Angela

Last night I had tons of fun. Tighe and I celebrated by pampering our sweet friend Angela. We made a coupon for her to redeem when we all had time. It said "Come for an evening or pampering, good food, and relaxation with massage, feet, pedicure and hair styling." I cooked Hungarian Stuffed Peppers, Tighe made a yummy chocolate cake that melted in our mouths. We set up the living room as a spa-day-out and played music for her while Tighe did her hair and I did her feet and painted her toe nails. After we lite candles on her cake and we sang "Happy Birthday" and sent her home with notes of love and encouragement. She was not allowed to help clean up, but have fun and let us love her.

Angela is one of those people who are simply beautiful. Her skin and eyes demand notice. She is always smiling and her laugh in contagious. I met her through my neighbor Tighe and since then she has not only being a support, but has become a sister. She has 2 children and is expecting her third little girl right around the time Elora will be born. That will be so neat and interesting if they were born on the same day, or even days apart. We tease because poor Tighe wont know what to do with herself if it all falls on the same day.

I think birthdays are a great way to not only celebrate the person, but also encourage them to know what others see in them. Angela is loving, funny, passionate and compassionate. She asks me questions all the time about my story and how God showed up in my life. She likes some books I read. She has fun and throws a mean 3 year-old birthday party. We tease her and say she is going to help us throw Elora's birthday parties. She got everyone involved and enjoying themselves.

I am so blessed to know her and I pray many blessings over her and her family. I pray for health and truth to be over her this next year of her life.


Angela said...

thank you so much for your many kind words! I'm looking forward to the two books you lent me. So far I've been able to read the backs! I'm about to download these pictures. I had such a blast- you two are incredible!

Katie said...

I think that's the best birthday present you two could have given her!! Now that I have had a taste of being a Mommy, I can only imagine how precious that time with you pampering her was. That was so thoughtful!! I am worn out with ONE baby. I can't imagine how she must feel with 2, a 3rd on the way and 2 others that she cares for during the week!!