Friday, November 07, 2008

Life = Mirror

About two weeks ago we were thrilled about the opportunity to see the King Tut exhibit that passed through Dallas. The artifacts were flown in from Egypt and we had tickets for the event since June. Bryan’s dad bought them for us and we have been planning to go for so long. It happened the same weekend we found out about Elora. That is way we were in downtown Dallas during rush hour and I was screaming with delight and Bryan tried hard not to get in an accident. I will never forget that moment! I wish we had it recorded.

It was great to see all the old items. We were give headsets as well, which told us the history of specific objects before us. There were a lot of people there that day. You would think all the gold and jewels around me would be what I noticed and loved, and what I “ohhh’ed and ahhh’ed” about, but it was a word that made me alive with excite. One word written on the wall with an explanation caught my eye, the word “Ankh.”

It is a simple word used often in the era, which we explored that day. Commonly one would notice a symbol going along with this word. I have seen it before yet never knew what it meant. I will post a photo of it along with this post.

At the museum they had an Anhk hanging on the wall and the description below read “a word that means ‘life’ as well as mirror.” Instantly I was amazed! I thought of the Lord and how He has given us life through Him, and as a mirror image of Him. We are “life” and we are a “mirror” of God’s form and perfect creation like Genesis 5:1 says, “He made him in the likeness of God.”

We are also called to be mirrors in our life by love and kindness.

The people during this era of time were deeply suspicious and superstitious people who even offered human sacrifices. Some gave their children over as an offering to their idols. They do not seem to follow Jesus, but this symbol still demonstrates a part of creation, reality, and Truth, even though it is in a mixed up context, I still believe it shows God’s power even in their non-Christian culture.

I told some of my friends that I was curious about being around all that stuff since it was no where near something that was used for Jesus or God, and wonder what I could learn from it. I even prayed the Lord would show me something and I knew it was this right away! It made me so happy.

This symbol says that life is also a mirror. God is life and we are mirrors as we are created in the likeness of Him as well as a reflection of beauty, but not the actual representation of it yet!

It is so interesting they define it and put those two words together. So long ago, they may have not even recognized God was still working and showing Himself. They chose that definition and lived by it and it tells me more about God and Jesus than anything they sacrificed and prayed to.

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The Kilcoynes said...

That is interesting... life and mirror. My dad was a chemist and he used to refine gold and silver in a furnace in our garage when I was little. The story that you hear is true-- the metal is refined when the refiner sees his face in the melted gold or silver. I've seen it! So-- life and behind refined by the Refiner's fire and reflecting His image as in a mirror all go together...