Friday, November 21, 2008

Petitioning Against Sexual Displays on Vehicles

Something happened today to initiate fierceness against those who think it is funny or cute to vulgarly expose people and innocent children to sexual content on their cars.. You will be able to read more about my complaint and request at the petition site by clicking on: "click here to read this petition" below under the signing box.

I would appreciate you taking the time to read my petition and sign if you are willing. I am going to be sending it to our city council as well and if I have to, I will walk around to obtain physical signatures. I know probably nothing will come of it, but I have to believe I have done everything to stand up for truth, if not for me, then for Elora's generation. It is just too big of a deal to me and I am not afraid of any one's rebuttals because I know the Lord hurts over things like this.

This is very important to me so I thank you for joining me in this. You are more than welcome to pass on this petition to anyone and everyone you believe will stand up saying that these actions should be illegal.

For His Glory and Truth and the Joy and Confidence it provides.

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