Monday, November 17, 2008

Thankful for Eyelids

I don't make it a habit to post a bunch of times per day, but this was just too funny to not.

So as though we need more examples of why communication is so important, my story commences to prove it.
I decided we would cook out tonight and Bryan is on his way home, so I figured I could get the grill fired up and ready to go. Bryan said he would walk through it with me, so I go to our backyard to the grill. He said, “turn the gas tank on.” Ok, not hard, did that! That was easy. Then he said turn the knobs on to “high.” And I did that too! Next came the part I was nervous about. The RED ignition button. I pressed it a couple of times and nothing happened. I asked, "does it need to be open?" (meaning the lid) and Bryan said “yes" (meaning the valve) so I left the top open and pressed the button and a HUGE MASSIVE GIGANTIC ball of flame surrounded my head! I am so surprised I was not charred to a burnt crisp. I was so scared. It died down just as quick and I immediately thanked the Lord for eyelids. I am sure the ball of fire was able to be seen from outer space. I will stick to the George Forman grill from now on…it’s safer, if I want to keep my head.


Angela said...

I feel like I shouldn't laugh- that I should be very concerned and lovingly compassionate about this, but that is so stinking funny! I can only imagine you in this scenario (as a cartoon like character). Likewise I'm very thankful also for your eyelids and that you didn't catch on fire!! Next time call us, we've got a charchoal grill or have Greg light it. Didn't your momma ever tell you not to play with fire? hee, hee.

Olivia said...

Girl, totally laugh. It was so funny. I was shaking uncontrolably for like 5 minutes, but it really was funny, now that I am in one piece!

Anonymous said...

Ahahaha!! Sorry, but I've done the ball of fire thing and it's not fun!! Did you lose your eyelashes or eyebrows? That's the worst!! Oh, I wish I were there. I would have peed my pants laughing so hard. How many girls does it take to light a grill??
Sorry I haven't called. We just got back from a trip to Cape May for Brad's wedding. I'm going to call you later today :)
Love you!!

Lynn said...

Livy! I just keep laughing! I am VERY glad that you were not injured in any way (except maybe your pride). Thank you for sharing this! Love you!!