Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Didya Know?

In our night sky we are able to see two distinct planets beside the moon. I saw this several nights ago and it looked kind of eerie to me! We saw it again at Tighe and Greg's house and thought these are really planets. Last night my mother-in-law called and affirmed that they are in fact planets and it is a rare occurrence of them lining up in "proximity" of the moon. I mean it is not close at all, but because of where we are it looks close. Bryan and I even adventured last night to go find it to take some photos, but it set already and I was sad because I thought that was the last time...but I went out tonight and I saw it better then any of the other times. I took some photos and I am SO amazed because you can see detail in the specific planets beside the moon and with the naked eye, the details were not visible to me at all. I tried looking up what they were but I am not certain. I know it is Saturn, but I am not sure on the other, maybe Mercury?

Here is what I took tonight! First with the moon in view and the next just the two planets...you can actually see texture to them! WOW!

God, You are SO wonderful and beautiful. Thank you so much for designing the world to reflect wonder and mystery. You set the stars and planets in space! We are You masterpiece!!!

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