Thursday, December 04, 2008


I heard about a wonderful new movie being worked on called Hachi-Ko. It is a TRUE story that took place in 1924 about an Akita dog who was very loyal to his master. Every day the dog would walk his master to the subway station in Japan and then later in the evening the dog would meet his master at the subway and walk him home no matter what the weather was like. Tragically the master died YET Hachi-Ko continued to wait for his master at the subway station. He even remained there for nearly 3-days right after his master died waiting for him to come home. For the rest of the dogs life, which was 9 more years!, he continued walking to the station everyday to wait for his master. The loyalty and love of this dog was honored and memorialized by the naming of that particular station after the dog. There is even a statue of this sweet animal paying tribute to the faithfulness of his love for his master.

I believe animals are a way to show how much we are able to love and to prove how unselfishly they can love us no matter what we have done.

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