Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Phone Calls

It is so funny lately when I call people. With the excitement of Elora's possible arrival at any moment everyone I call answers RIGHT away and then when I say I am calling to say "hi" or see how they are - I hear this little spark of disappointment. Everyone is anxious for me to call them to say we are on our way and believe me I am so excited to get that call. We have our evacuation plan memorized. We have clothes picked out to wear on the drive if it happens in the middle of the night, and I moved the shoes to our closets because they were in the way. I told Bryan that we surely wouldn't forget our shoes...but who knows! I just hope I remember Gracey. I started writing down everything so we wont have to think. Gracey is on there! LOL! I am just so thankful for how loving and excited everyone is. In God's perfect timing!

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Katie said...

I, too, can not wait for you to get that long anticipated phone call!!! At least you are closer now than you've ever been before!! ;) (And closer now... and now... ok, you get the point!!)