Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Photo's from Surprise Shower

On Monday I received a huge package and was told to wait and open it with Bryan. It turned out to be one of the most wonderful surprises I have ever had! My sister threw me a surprise baby shower in Massachusetts and then sent all the plunder to me without me knowing about any of it! She invited all my friends and family and they had a "show & tell" shower while they packed everything in this adorable box! They also created a scrapbook with notes and cards in it and I got to see what they did by the photos in it as well. Elora has some really neat things with her name on it from Casja and my friend Jenn, who took time to personally make her a bib and blanket! Now Elora has her mobile as well from my other friend Jenn. My mom made a blanket just for Elora (the blackish one in the last photo). Cari (aka EEE) got her a Savvy seat for the grocey cart! I really wanted one! We also got some adorable clothes and much needed things for her! I was SO blessed I cried. Bryan took tons of photos and even a video that was previously posted. I can't wait for Elora to use all these things! It was my first baby shower ever! I wish I were there! LOL! But seriously this was SO wonderful. The first photos below are some of the actual day. Cyndi sent me a CD with some of the photos she took that afternoon! Isn't my sister and friends and family in MA so sweet? Thank you!

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Rand and Maggie said...

This is so awesome! What fun for them and you....you have wonderful friends and family and Elora is blessed to come into such a circle. Happy*happy*happy* for you ALL! Love the photos!