Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Praise the Lord!

We went and visited our birthfamily again this past weekend and everything went very well. More and more the Lord confirms and affirms how this match is of Him. There are no new signs of progression of labor. But we are told to be ready to go at a phone call. They seem to think she will be here definitely for Christmas, but I am just giving the timing up to the Lord. It is really difficult to be so excited for the arrival of your child through adoption and not have the ability to feel the signs of labor and things like that. For weeks now we have been thinking she would be here, but I am pleased she is waiting so she can be healthier.

I feel it in my soul that my life is about to change so much. I know that within weeks we will be witnessing God's power and Victory in our lives through the birth of Elora. I want to be faithful with the time I have left before that happens, seeking God in prayer, in thought, and in learning of who He is both in scripture and by experience. But as each day goes by I feel that she is missing. I can hear her, smell her, and feel her. I just know that soon we will be saying to each other "How did we ever live without her in our family?" There is peace in the fact that it will happen and it will happen soon. I just want it to be now! LOL!

Here is Maggie and I with the cutest presents ever. They bought us some burp cloths and a blankie that has Elora's name on it. I LOVE them so much. There has been so many instances that I realize God has been working everything to His glory and one of those situations is us being able to stay with the Morgans. They live in the same place our birthfamily does and where Elora will be born. They have been very supportive and offer their home to us whenever we go there. They also love Gracey so much. They are truly an encouragement and people who not only love Jesus, but show His love to the world. We have been so blessed to stay at their home, be taught by their life, and have fun and rejoice through what God is doing. They are a part of a wonderful church that truly shows God's love. We always have felt like we are at home at their house and at church. That is MUCH better than staying in a hotel and not knowing anyone in that city.

God is so Amazing!

I also got to visit with my friend Summer on our way back home. We stopped in Dallas for a little while. She was one of my bridesmaids and is one of the sweetest people. She is so beautiful and full of desire for the Lord.

It is so encouraging to be around people you believe in and those who believe in you. We were friends our freshmen year of college and those we shared a hall with we still communicate and keep up with. We all don't talk very often, but it is as though we never skipped a beat when we do.

Keep us in your prayers. I can't wait to post our very first photos of our new family on here. Please pray that God will give us a safe drive to the delivery and He will be honored and glorified throughout the birth and as we bring Elora home. There is so much to wonder about during the 48 hours at the hospital. I pray I will be a vessel to listen to the Lord and be able to discern and love.


Katie said...

I'm so glad that things are still going so well. I'm SO excited!! The anticipation is killing me, so I can only imagine how you must be feeling!! The prayers won't end any time soon!!! :)

Lynn said...


I am so glad that you got to go again and be with the birth family. It is so awesome to hear how God is confirming over and over how this is His plan! Isn't He so wonderful?! I am also kind-of jealous that you got to stop and see Summer! Not that I would ever wish anything other than that for you - it has just been so long since I have seen you guys and I miss you all so much! I will continue to pray for you daily! I love you!

Ami said...

Glad things are going well. Do yourselves a favor and sleep as much as possible.

Jennifer said...

I am so excited for you guys! I am sorry I have been so bad at keeping in touch this last month, I had no idea you had the birth family and that Elora is almost here! You are going to be amazing parents. I can't wait to meet her:-) Love you guys