Saturday, February 28, 2009

Our Little Photo Shoot

We did a small last minute little photo shoot today at ACU. If there is anything you can tell from these photo's it is that Jase loves his belly button and his nose.

Friday, February 27, 2009

A Few Photos

A family photo.

Tighe, Angela, and I and our families got together the other weekend and had a cookout. We gathered the kids up for a photo! Aren't they the cutest? Too bad Jase looks rather confused. Or maybe he is just shocked that a cute little cheerleader is sitting next to him! We are so blessed to have the support and love from these two families. We got together today with the moms and kids and Tighe did a craft day.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Water Day

Can you believe that it was nearly 90 degrees here in Texas the other day? There was nothing else to do except break out the sprinkler! What a cutie!


Perhaps circumstance, being that which we have fallen without choice, has really exposed itself being more of a decision. The events causing distress or unfathomable pain carry weight to broaden our intellectual, spiritual, and emotional growth. We are not mere products of others sin and consequence, but rather a product of the choices we make upon facing those trials. In the rhythm of experiential gain and folly, we some how arrive with a deeper capacity to love and hate. It is with these choices we propel our future, not with doubt or anger, but something more then we could ever imagine. When does circumstance begin to matter? When we look at it face to face, and still chose to love.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

FurBall 2009

Last night was this years annual FurBall celebration. It is a dinner reception attended by dogs and their people benefiting the ASPCA. It is something I look forward to going to every year. But this year I nearly didn't make it. Jase has been feeling sick lately and yesterday morning right after breakfast I brought him immediately to the walk-in clinic. After a long grueling wait which consisted of major workout aerobics for me in the packed waiting area chasing Jase, we were seen by the doctor and I just cried when they said he has strep throat. I had been feeling pain in my throat the night before and prayed all night it wasn't strep. But the doctor looked at me too and sure enough I had it too. We went and picked up medicine and headed home. I rested and decided that I would go to the FurBall even if it were only for 5 minutes. I felt like it would cheer me up. Bryan's mom came into town to help me as Bryan works a lot these next couple of days and she watched Jase so we could go. The theme this year was "Cowboys." At the last minute, literally, we all dressed up and I think the best part of it was that I found my old Western Barbie and she had a cowboy hat that Gracey wore. It was SO cute. Here are some photos of last night.

This is Gracey's new friend "Hope." She has no front two legs. She really deserves her name because she offers so much hope to a lot of people who struggle with disabilities. She was so sweet, and my favorite dog we met that night.

This is Bryan's favorite dog of the night, an Australian Ridge Back. They are known as lion killers and have a tremendous capacity to protect and love. He was such a sweet dog. But now Bryan wants one!

Today I feel really yucky. Jase seems to be doing great though. Diana is here until tomorrow which is an incredible blessing. Please keep us in your prayers. I appreciate all the thoughts and love through my blog, e-mails, and phone calls. It has been very difficult to go from no child, or a potential newborn girl, to an 18 month old boy with only a 24 hour notice to prepare. I also miss Elora SO much it hurts and think about how fast this all went with getting Jase and how my heart still longs for her. It is hard to be switching all our little pink girl stuff with blue and tractors and race cars. Don't get me wrong, God gives us tons of joy through this, but as you know there are those times where it is hard, especially since it is unpredictable how the future will go with Jase. I find myself loving him as a son more and more, but then knowing I have to keep my mind in track with potential reunification. There are definite signs of the terrible-two's coming our way and with me being sick and Bryan working so much it gets hard. Please pray that God would give us purpose everyday to love Jase and help him grow to know Him. I am also very ready to have a family of our own and I am wondering how this will happen with Jase being here. It seems like we may have to hold off until we know what will happen with Jase and that may be months from now. My heart hurts in knowing this. I would take Jase in a second, but we wont know for a long time and even at that it most probably wont be in our favor to adopt him. But, God has always surprised me along the journey. So I guess I need to wait and see.
PS. I wish there were a FurBall every night!

Monday, February 16, 2009

A Few Photos

Jase is very sweet. He loves to dance and every night we have been playing our guitars. He loves Gracey and has gone to church 2 times and he enjoys playing with his friends there. Keep praying for all of us. It has been an adjustment and we want God to be honored through all of this.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

We R Wonderful

We are doing very well. Everyday Jase is here we are blessed with joy and laughter! Bryan also celebrated his birthday on Sunday and we went to the lake and spent a night there with family. Jase did so well and had tons of fun seeing horses!

Keep us in your prayers!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Jase: An Uexpected Blessing

I know as soon as everyone reads this post you are going to ask SO many questions. I don't know how much time I have to write, so I will try my best to explain.

We have taken in a wonderful, sweet little boy named Jase. He is nearly 17 months and as cute as can be. We have had him since yesterday and believe that it is completely the Lord that he is with us and that he is doing so amazing right now.

I can't go into tons of the details, but this is strictly a foster situation at the moment that might have the possibility of adoption. We will have him for 4-6 months and we are going to treat and love him nothing less than we would our own son. Many people seem to be a little worried that my heart will get attached or hurt, but I prayed about this non-stop and know there has been a lot in my life to prepare me to love a child and let them go. Not that I would want to, but I know God is giving us a privilege to love Jase right now. I also went into this knowing the outcome most likely will be for him to go back.

We found out about Jase on Sunday night and were given the opportunity to accept him by Monday. We had nothing for a boy at all! Isn't that just like God to give Him an opportunity to provide? Would you know that by 9 pm on Monday night we had mostly everything we needed for Jase for at least a little bit?!

We will have to re-paint the room, but we are not upset about it.

Last night we just prayed and prayed over him and his room. We expected it to perhaps be a rough night, but little Jase had peace and slept all night! And he is napping right now!

When Bryan met me he used to say a lot that I was "his greatest adventure!" There is no doubt that for however long we are blessed to have Jase, whether one hour or 18 years, we are on an adventure that God can use for His glory. I might as well accept that this time before we even get involved right? LOL! And the thing about this is we were approached with the situation, we never had to do anything.

Please pray for Jase and for his family, both biological and foster. We are all so excited to love him. And love is never waisted.