Friday, February 27, 2009

A Few Photos

A family photo.

Tighe, Angela, and I and our families got together the other weekend and had a cookout. We gathered the kids up for a photo! Aren't they the cutest? Too bad Jase looks rather confused. Or maybe he is just shocked that a cute little cheerleader is sitting next to him! We are so blessed to have the support and love from these two families. We got together today with the moms and kids and Tighe did a craft day.

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Jennifer said...

I absolutely love the pic of the three of you! You guys are beautiful. Jase is so blessed to be with you guys and I am sure you are blessed with him! I AM blessed to know you... your honestly one of the strongest, courageous women I know. Your an inspiration to me and I pray that God will ALWAYS keep you uplifted. Your an amazing woman:-) I do hope we see you Sunday too!