Sunday, February 22, 2009

FurBall 2009

Last night was this years annual FurBall celebration. It is a dinner reception attended by dogs and their people benefiting the ASPCA. It is something I look forward to going to every year. But this year I nearly didn't make it. Jase has been feeling sick lately and yesterday morning right after breakfast I brought him immediately to the walk-in clinic. After a long grueling wait which consisted of major workout aerobics for me in the packed waiting area chasing Jase, we were seen by the doctor and I just cried when they said he has strep throat. I had been feeling pain in my throat the night before and prayed all night it wasn't strep. But the doctor looked at me too and sure enough I had it too. We went and picked up medicine and headed home. I rested and decided that I would go to the FurBall even if it were only for 5 minutes. I felt like it would cheer me up. Bryan's mom came into town to help me as Bryan works a lot these next couple of days and she watched Jase so we could go. The theme this year was "Cowboys." At the last minute, literally, we all dressed up and I think the best part of it was that I found my old Western Barbie and she had a cowboy hat that Gracey wore. It was SO cute. Here are some photos of last night.

This is Gracey's new friend "Hope." She has no front two legs. She really deserves her name because she offers so much hope to a lot of people who struggle with disabilities. She was so sweet, and my favorite dog we met that night.

This is Bryan's favorite dog of the night, an Australian Ridge Back. They are known as lion killers and have a tremendous capacity to protect and love. He was such a sweet dog. But now Bryan wants one!

Today I feel really yucky. Jase seems to be doing great though. Diana is here until tomorrow which is an incredible blessing. Please keep us in your prayers. I appreciate all the thoughts and love through my blog, e-mails, and phone calls. It has been very difficult to go from no child, or a potential newborn girl, to an 18 month old boy with only a 24 hour notice to prepare. I also miss Elora SO much it hurts and think about how fast this all went with getting Jase and how my heart still longs for her. It is hard to be switching all our little pink girl stuff with blue and tractors and race cars. Don't get me wrong, God gives us tons of joy through this, but as you know there are those times where it is hard, especially since it is unpredictable how the future will go with Jase. I find myself loving him as a son more and more, but then knowing I have to keep my mind in track with potential reunification. There are definite signs of the terrible-two's coming our way and with me being sick and Bryan working so much it gets hard. Please pray that God would give us purpose everyday to love Jase and help him grow to know Him. I am also very ready to have a family of our own and I am wondering how this will happen with Jase being here. It seems like we may have to hold off until we know what will happen with Jase and that may be months from now. My heart hurts in knowing this. I would take Jase in a second, but we wont know for a long time and even at that it most probably wont be in our favor to adopt him. But, God has always surprised me along the journey. So I guess I need to wait and see.
PS. I wish there were a FurBall every night!


Lynn said...

Hi Livy! I am so sorry that you and Jase are sick. This is the third case of strep I have heard of today. I will be praying for both of you that the sickness will be broken and healing will come in quickly! I love you and wish you all the best!

Katie said...

It looks like the Fur Ball was a GREAT time!! I'm not sure that Nash could have handled all that excitement, but Gracey looks like she did GREAT! I'll keep you in my prayers. God tends to keep us on our toes. We never know what to expect next. I guess life would be pretty boring if we knew what to expect, although sometimes it might be a little easier to make it through the bumps along the way!! I'm glad to hear that things are going well. I hope you get to feeling better soon!! Please let me know if I can help with anything!!

Ami said...

The terrible twos. Hmm.....
Well, being two is alot like being a new president; you not allowed to do the things you want to, the things you do anyway usually get you in trouble and the only thing that gives you a feeling that you're in control is your veto power, so you use it alot.
No, no, no ........
Yup, that's what you hear from 2 year olds and new presidents.

Whether or not God keeps Jase w you, your next kid will owe him big time for breaking you two in as parents. This is you time to get educated, and from your hints, Jase looks like a good teacher.

BTW, I started a new blog about travel in Israel (I'm getting certified as a tour guide, so thot I'd blog about the training.)

Have fun, u 3.


Katelyn said...

I think about you every day and pray and hope that you and Bryan, as well as Jase, are doing well.

Jennifer said...

Hey chica! I am always praying for you guys, hope you and little Jase feel better. He is too stinkin cute. Love you!!

Leah said...

Hi Olivia,
All of your recent pictures are absolutely beautiful! And you know I love reading about the Fur Ball!! So glad you got to go, and hope you are both feeling better!