Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Claiming Freedom

When you've had a bad day, satan tries to convince you to be guilty about your actions for weeks. he reminds you what a failure you are. How unhelpable you have become, that you are never going to change, so why even try. he lies that you are obligated to feel responsible and upset about what you did, what you said, or what you thought so much that you never get beyond feeling ashamed. he offers no resolution, just blame, scorn, and condemnation. "If you loved God and were the Christian you think you are, you never would have done that," he says. It feels weird to wake up and have peace and forgiveness, a slate completely wiped away. It feels wrong, because satan wants us to give up and not claim the freedom Christ has given us. If we confess, ask for forgiveness, God DOES give us a new beginning. And you want to know the greatest thing about all of this? He loves you so much He would do it everyday if He had to.

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Lynn said...

AMEN!!!! Thank you Jesus! And thank you Olivia, for the reminder!