Thursday, March 26, 2009

If Jase Were a Groundhog

If Jase were a groundhog, I am afraid we would have an eternal winter. Not only did this child not want to see his shadow, he was completely and utterly terrified of it. We went for a walk today and came to an empty basketball court that was outside. I noticed all of our shadows, mine, Jase's, and Gracey's and thought I would point them out to Jase. I took my shadow and patted Jase's shadow and he kind of stared at it uncertain. He realized his shadow was attached to him and moved whenever he did and he tried to run away from it and would look to see if it was still there. Then he went into an all out scare. "What is this thing that is following me?" I had to keep myself from laughing at the poor thing. I eventually had to bring him to where he couldn't see his shadow anymore. I giggled the whole way to the car. I wanted to explain to him everyone had one and it was the sun, but because of how scared he became I wasn't able to help him understand. He really was scared.

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Jennifer said...

Poor Jase! But that is HILARIOUS! I love kids ;-) We have been praying for you guys! LOVE YOU!