Tuesday, March 31, 2009


God has given me so many beautiful opportunities to love children. And He has given me amazing friends that let me love their children and see them grow in the Lord. We have been trying weekly to get together with Tighe and Angela and all the kids to do some sort of art project. We painted last week and all the kids piled together and took a photo. Angela was super fast with the camera! That took talent to catch all of them together. Maybe the Lord will give Bryan and I this many children some day! I don't think Bryan will mind! LOL! Praise God for a generation we will cover in prayer!


Angela said...

What a bunch of cute kids! Seeing them all there with you makes it look like so many kids and craziness, which I guess it is, but what fun ;)! I'm looking forward to Fri. and love so much that we have these times to make memories together.

Karin said...

SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!