Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pedi Paws

Today I finally bought a Pedi Paws and I can tell you that it WORKS! I researched it a little a while ago and found that people really recommended it. I have been grooming and cutting Gracey's nails and more than once I accidentally cut the quick and made her bleed. I hate guessing where to cut and then hurting her by accident. Then I would have to get the nail file out and smooth them. Since she does therapy at the hospital she has to have her nails cut and filed so she can sit on people's and stuff. But today my whole world changed! I took Gracey and we tested out our new best friend! And it worked very well. Her nails look great, there was no worry about the device hurting Gracey, and her nails are smooth and trimmed. This really just made my life a lot easier. I told Bryan I feel like when they probably first created an oven and didn't have to cook for hours on a iron stove! I really feel like it is a great product and that has cut my time for grooming from 45 minutes to like 5 minutes!!!

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Katie said...

That's awesome! I've often contemplated getting one of those for Nash. I, too, have cut his nails a little too short before, and he was NOT happy (nor was I). I just take him to Petsmart now because he is big enough and rejects my help enough that it's not worth fighting him. :)