Sunday, March 29, 2009

Who Do I Want To Be?

Harmony, Peace, Love, Joy, Laughter, Warmth, Understanding, Comfort, Trust, Loyalty, Faithfulness, Truth, Justice, Confidence, Fulfillment, Goodness, Honor, Purity, Life, Humble, Fair, Innocent, Moral, Light, Thankful, Believes, Holy, Mends, Self-Control, Perseveres, Provider, Responsible, Thoughtful, Calm, Warrior, Fun, Wise, Giver, Hopeful, Heaven, Redeemed, Secure, Confessing, Forgives, Apologizes

Hate, Suspicion, Selfishness, Pride, Control, Power, Lust, Anger, Justification, Pleasure, Fear, Deceitful, Murderer, Money, Possessions, Perverted, Lying, Cheating, Neglect, Abuse, Destroyer, Scandalous, Lazy, Justifies, Robber, Greedy, Doubt, Sinful, Uncontrolled, Oblivious, Voluntarily Naive, Ignores, Arrogant, Conceited, Malicious, Cruel, High-Strung, Blames, Important, Taker, Glory-Seeking, Fault, Condemning, Insecure, Guilty, Immoral, Dark, Unsatisfied, Impulsive

I believe most people wont even read all these words I typed but I challenge you to take a moment and do it. I am certain the Lord will have one word stand out to you that He has given to you in newness.

The other night I sat in my room and thought of all the words I want to be in Christ and began to write them in my journal. Then I drew a line and wrote characteristics that are not only empty, but ones that oppositely ruin our lives. They are spirits of death and destruction .They are words we need to remind ourselves not to be. When we see who Christ makes us (top list), we can sigh and breath easy, because even though we have been those bad things, Jesus has taken them away and given us new words to describe us, even if we will only perfectly be them one day with Jesus in heaven, He says He is in us and therefore we ARE these things already! I would never be able to be those things purely without Jesus. And I DON'T want to be the words that do not give Jesus honor and true fulfillment, but it does not come without a conscience effort, I have to learn and chose to be the top list and satan will do everything in his power to remind me and make me feel guilty that I mess up. It is all a part of our spiritual battle, and one that goes on for our hearts and souls.

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BeckyJoie at Leaders in Learning said...

Great post, Thanks for the reminder.