Thursday, April 30, 2009

Stand Strong

Recently my heart has been overwhelmed with sin being advertised and accepted in our country. Have you heard of the Ashley Madison Agency? Yes, Oh, yes...this agency PROUDLY offers services to help married people have affairs. Their slogan on their website says "Life's too short, Have an Affair." Read more about it on Bryan's blog or at this article on Ladyblog. Please read them if you have time.

Adultery is sin. It is wrong no matter what.

It doesn't matter what a TV commercial says, or a billboard, or magazine. We have to protect our hearts and stand strong with putting in our minds God's Word. The commercial to advertise this agency is completely disgusting. It is not funny. And I think those who think this issue is not a big deal are already being pulled into what will happen. People will fall away from Truth. It will be harder and harder to stand up for what is right, but it is always worth it. We can't let this world numb our hearts into thinking these type of things are ok or even funny. I can't even imagine something like this being on TV 20 years ago.

The fact is 3,305,000 members are involved with this agency already. Ummm....over 3 million! Can't we recognize where our countries values are heading?

Another very disrupting issue is that our city...yes OUR CITY people, as of last week is legally authorized to abort babies. Planned Parenthood has begun offering this "service" and has been given the "go" to abort any baby 9 weeks or younger. In the article talking about this "advancement" they write about how pleased they are to offer this service that has been requested by citizens of our city. When I read this the other day, I sincerely nearly puked.

Obama has gladly accepted people affected by the swine flu into our nation simply because he wants to ally with Mexico. Yeah...let's infect our own country when tons of other nations close their borders to protect themselves!!! Where is protection for our country? Anyone who illegally crosses the border will be looked over and if they appear sick then the US will automatically take them to help them. Ummm....what about me? Where's my health care? Where's my medical aid? I never got ONE cent to help me even when I was going through Chemotherapy for 2.5 years and I am a born citizen of this country. Maybe next time I'm sick I should go trudge across the US/Mexican border and see if I get any help? Obama has an agenda it is not about helping people in his own country, it's about pride and power.

Ok, I think I am done exposing for now. Stand strong. Know what you believe, and keep cementing it in your heart and mind because all these issues will not get easier, not for us, or for the future generations.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A True Friend

Either I will get a laugh or be strangled by my friend, but I think it was just too memorable to not post about...

A true friend would come over and dispense my vacuum container with a half dead roach in it! Thanks Jenn!!

I think this photo clearly exemplifies the face she had that day! LOL!!! (had to post it!!!) But she truly is a hero because I just stood back and screamed like I did that morning when I found it and sucked it up!!! AHHHH....I'm getting frazzled just writing about it! I HATE roaches.

Release Initiative

During our Easter celebration at church every family received a small white envelope with the words "Pray, Give, Testify" on it. Inside were different amounts of money. Our mission was to ask the Lord what to do with it and bless someone by giving the money away. Bryan and I couldn't wait! After we were asked to testify about what the Lord did and Bryan wrote this as ours:

Sometimes you sow. Sometimes you water. The Lord brings harvest.

Olivia and I are excited to report what the Lord has done with the money we received a couple of weeks ago as part of the Release Initiative. After praying about whoever would receive this money we began to look for the right time. We wanted to do it together, and today was the day we set out as a family on our giving adventure.

Our first thought was to try to find a man we’d both seen sharing the gospel here on the north side of Abilene. We wanted to bless him for standing boldly for God’s Kingdom. However, we didn’t find him, so our plan was to look and listen.

We found one of the homeless camps in East Abilene near the railroad tracks, and since no one was home except the dog we decided to pray there and keep the money for someone we actually met. So, we drove again, to the downtown bus station.

When we pulled up, there were two busses loading and unloading, and a third soon appeared. There was a steady crowd of about 25 people coming and going from the station and the restaurant next door. How would we know whom to talk to?

After several minutes, we saw him, a man walking north away from the station carrying a duffel bag. Olivia jumped in the back seat with Jase, and we asked him if he needed a ride. As we drove, we talked, and welcomed the young man to Abilene with a brief mental tour of the town.

Tommy is from New Mexico, and came to Abilene for a month’s work on the wind turbines being built outside of town. He needed a phone card to call his uncle and asked to be taken to a gas station. We dropped him off at a gas station with a Subway and asked if we could pray for him. He asked us to pray for safety at work, and we gave him our Release money.

We told Tommy that God had His eye on him, and that we’d been praying for whoever God wanted us to help with this money. You should have seen his eyes widen! Just this morning, while stranded in another town waiting on a bus, someone had given Tommy some Gospel tracts. We went out tonight expecting to plant a seed. Instead, we added flesh and blood to the love of Jesus that Tommy had already been implanted with.

Sometimes you sow. Sometimes you water. The Lord brings harvest. And, we were the ones truly blessed. Thanks for encouraging us to do this. We can’t wait for our next “family giving adventure.”

Bryan, Olivia, & Jase

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Sis

Happy 30th Birthday to my fabulous, sweet, caring, wonderful, sister Cyndi!

I love you!
PS. You're the BENDIEST!!!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

So Proud

This past weekend we headed to Farmer's Branch and participated in the Walk for Lupus Now. We drove up Friday and stayed overnight in a hotel. Jen, MaeLeigh, Audriana, and Diana stayed with Bryan, Jase, Gracey and I at the same hotel. We all had so much fun.

Saturday we all met at the walk. Summer, Kevin, Richard, and Ellen met us there. We were the Inspired by Grace team! I couldn't wait to begin. Bryan designed out T-Shirts. They were donated to us by McTee's T-Shirt Printing. I LOVE them!

I am so proud of everyone who gave to help support me. Casja and Uncle Jerry donated and couldn't make it, but I remembered them during our walk. I felt so honored to accomplish the 3 mile walk with my friends and family right beside me. Gracey helped keep us in pace! She was the hit of the walk, everyone wanted to pet her.

Wouldn't you know that the morning of the walk, my lupus acted up and I was really sick. I didn't sleep much the night before and felt so sick, but as soon as we began the walk and I saw everyone there, I didn't feel sick at all! Praise God!
Thank you to everyone who offered financial support, donations, prayers, and blessings for us this weekend. All praise to God for His wonderful acts in my life. It is truly through Him that I have been made well enough to participate! And of are some photos! You will fall in love with Jenn's kids. Here husband is in the Air Force and was away doing training so he was not able to go. So go Jenn! She did it with the kiddo's! I am so proud of you!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Bryan works as a customer service manager at a local supermarket. He is a very hard worker and gives his all when he is working. Recently he organized a group of volunteers to serve here in town at Love and Care Ministry's. They offer clothing, food, and ministry to those in need in our city. Our team was called U-Crew. We worked in a massive warehouse organizing clothing. I was blessed with the opportunity to take photos for the United Spirit Magazine. I love documentary photography. Jase was even there and actually helped as well.

It is so important to take advantage of any opportunity to serve as a family. I wouldn't mind doing that several times a week. Sometimes we need the reminder that not everything is about ourselves, whether warranted drama or not.

I am so proud of the example Bryan is to his employees and family.

Friday, April 17, 2009


Howdy, they call me boot-strap-J. I live on the wild terrain of the west's sneakiest cowboy's. At one look of my lip and stern face, I have single-handedly won millions of quick draws without even using a gun. Yes, I am this talented. Be sure to look for me in a cloud of dust as I ride like the wind on my faithful stead, Gracey. And if you ever need a strong cute little cowboy to make you smile, call me.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Friday, April 10, 2009


I met Dalton today. I wasn't expecting to. He is small, fragile, aware, vibrant, joyful. His birthday is today and he turned 2. He has Autism, asperger syndrome. He loved Jase and gave him hugs and kisses. He ran around the room screaming, laughing, and babbling. I would have taken him home in an instant. Maybe it is those people who are not "normal" by the world's standards that have the capacity to show the deepest love. Couldn't we learn from children? Even more from those who have no inhibitions? Who know no rejection? Who live in a world where simplicity satisfies? I believe Dalton is a piece of heaven, and Jesus lives inside his little body and mind. It is up to the world to appreciate that. It is up to us to be people who can stop and recognize innocence, protect it, and grow as a result of being around such blessings.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Prayer is not for God to change His mind necessarily, it is more about what happens in our hearts when we pray. It is about our submission and worship, our yielding and vulnerability to God. Perhaps it is these things that deepen the most when we pray rather than our circumstance. God has the power to change anything, heal, protect, and do miracles, but prayer communicates and changes who we are deeply inside our hearts no matter what the outcome.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

My Little Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

I had my very own ribbon cutting ceremony yesterday! I came home from Jase's doctor appointment (ear and sinus infection) to Bryan standing at the door with a pair of scissors. I knew he had been working on our pantry all day long and I was so excited to see it. We have been needing more shelves in it for a long time! He handed me the scissors, I opened the door and found my new and improved pantry! Hurray! It is the simple things in life that make me happy! But it is something as simple as that, that can make life that much easier! I just sat in there yesterday and looked around. Thank you!

Walk for Lupus

On April 25 me and my friends and family will participate in the Walk for Lupus Now at the Historical Park in Farmers Branch, Texas. I am very excited about it and feel like it will be a great opportunity to share what God has done in my life even through my struggles with Lupus. I am raising money to help find a cure and believe that whatever is raised will support an amazing organization that truly cares about Lupus and the affects it has on people and their families. If you have the ability to give for this cause please click here. Any amount will help research medicines and hopefully a cure for Lupus. The Lupus Foundation of America does not promote or use embryonic stem cell transplants. They are working to help people like me who suffer from severe lupus. In 2004 I underwent the protocol of 2.5 years of Chemotherapy. Today, because of generous donations, awareness, and amazing doctors, someone in my situation will not have the same protocol. The medicines used cut treatment down to 3 months of oral medicines! Isn't that encouraging?!!! I am gathering my team to walk with me, Bryan's designing our T-Shirts with our sponsor McTee's T-Shirt Printing (Thank YOU!), and I am praying for a great weekend. Please join us! Walk with us or donate for our team. You can e-mail me, call, or go on the website.

To find out how much you know about Lupus take the Quiz!

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Date Night Photo

Will post more tomorrow! We had so much fun tonight. Thank you Auntie Jenn for watching Jase! We had a lovely dinner and then took some photos of us with my new camera (I will blog about this too soon!) I felt so happy. And I loved this photo of us the best!