Friday, April 10, 2009


I met Dalton today. I wasn't expecting to. He is small, fragile, aware, vibrant, joyful. His birthday is today and he turned 2. He has Autism, asperger syndrome. He loved Jase and gave him hugs and kisses. He ran around the room screaming, laughing, and babbling. I would have taken him home in an instant. Maybe it is those people who are not "normal" by the world's standards that have the capacity to show the deepest love. Couldn't we learn from children? Even more from those who have no inhibitions? Who know no rejection? Who live in a world where simplicity satisfies? I believe Dalton is a piece of heaven, and Jesus lives inside his little body and mind. It is up to the world to appreciate that. It is up to us to be people who can stop and recognize innocence, protect it, and grow as a result of being around such blessings.

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