Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Release Initiative

During our Easter celebration at church every family received a small white envelope with the words "Pray, Give, Testify" on it. Inside were different amounts of money. Our mission was to ask the Lord what to do with it and bless someone by giving the money away. Bryan and I couldn't wait! After we were asked to testify about what the Lord did and Bryan wrote this as ours:

Sometimes you sow. Sometimes you water. The Lord brings harvest.

Olivia and I are excited to report what the Lord has done with the money we received a couple of weeks ago as part of the Release Initiative. After praying about whoever would receive this money we began to look for the right time. We wanted to do it together, and today was the day we set out as a family on our giving adventure.

Our first thought was to try to find a man we’d both seen sharing the gospel here on the north side of Abilene. We wanted to bless him for standing boldly for God’s Kingdom. However, we didn’t find him, so our plan was to look and listen.

We found one of the homeless camps in East Abilene near the railroad tracks, and since no one was home except the dog we decided to pray there and keep the money for someone we actually met. So, we drove again, to the downtown bus station.

When we pulled up, there were two busses loading and unloading, and a third soon appeared. There was a steady crowd of about 25 people coming and going from the station and the restaurant next door. How would we know whom to talk to?

After several minutes, we saw him, a man walking north away from the station carrying a duffel bag. Olivia jumped in the back seat with Jase, and we asked him if he needed a ride. As we drove, we talked, and welcomed the young man to Abilene with a brief mental tour of the town.

Tommy is from New Mexico, and came to Abilene for a month’s work on the wind turbines being built outside of town. He needed a phone card to call his uncle and asked to be taken to a gas station. We dropped him off at a gas station with a Subway and asked if we could pray for him. He asked us to pray for safety at work, and we gave him our Release money.

We told Tommy that God had His eye on him, and that we’d been praying for whoever God wanted us to help with this money. You should have seen his eyes widen! Just this morning, while stranded in another town waiting on a bus, someone had given Tommy some Gospel tracts. We went out tonight expecting to plant a seed. Instead, we added flesh and blood to the love of Jesus that Tommy had already been implanted with.

Sometimes you sow. Sometimes you water. The Lord brings harvest. And, we were the ones truly blessed. Thanks for encouraging us to do this. We can’t wait for our next “family giving adventure.”

Bryan, Olivia, & Jase

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