Thursday, April 30, 2009

Stand Strong

Recently my heart has been overwhelmed with sin being advertised and accepted in our country. Have you heard of the Ashley Madison Agency? Yes, Oh, yes...this agency PROUDLY offers services to help married people have affairs. Their slogan on their website says "Life's too short, Have an Affair." Read more about it on Bryan's blog or at this article on Ladyblog. Please read them if you have time.

Adultery is sin. It is wrong no matter what.

It doesn't matter what a TV commercial says, or a billboard, or magazine. We have to protect our hearts and stand strong with putting in our minds God's Word. The commercial to advertise this agency is completely disgusting. It is not funny. And I think those who think this issue is not a big deal are already being pulled into what will happen. People will fall away from Truth. It will be harder and harder to stand up for what is right, but it is always worth it. We can't let this world numb our hearts into thinking these type of things are ok or even funny. I can't even imagine something like this being on TV 20 years ago.

The fact is 3,305,000 members are involved with this agency already. Ummm....over 3 million! Can't we recognize where our countries values are heading?

Another very disrupting issue is that our city...yes OUR CITY people, as of last week is legally authorized to abort babies. Planned Parenthood has begun offering this "service" and has been given the "go" to abort any baby 9 weeks or younger. In the article talking about this "advancement" they write about how pleased they are to offer this service that has been requested by citizens of our city. When I read this the other day, I sincerely nearly puked.

Obama has gladly accepted people affected by the swine flu into our nation simply because he wants to ally with Mexico. Yeah...let's infect our own country when tons of other nations close their borders to protect themselves!!! Where is protection for our country? Anyone who illegally crosses the border will be looked over and if they appear sick then the US will automatically take them to help them. Ummm....what about me? Where's my health care? Where's my medical aid? I never got ONE cent to help me even when I was going through Chemotherapy for 2.5 years and I am a born citizen of this country. Maybe next time I'm sick I should go trudge across the US/Mexican border and see if I get any help? Obama has an agenda it is not about helping people in his own country, it's about pride and power.

Ok, I think I am done exposing for now. Stand strong. Know what you believe, and keep cementing it in your heart and mind because all these issues will not get easier, not for us, or for the future generations.


BK said...

I love your ability to see the right from the wrong, because you always stand for what is right. Stand Strong! I love you.

Kristi said...

Amen. I hadn't heard about the abortion here in our own town--I am grieved. Thanks for standing strong and for the encouragement.