Saturday, May 23, 2009


A man is claiming to be obeying Jesus Christ in the Congo while he violently abuses children. Their crime, being witches. "Pastor" Moise Thsombe says he has the gift of the Holy Spirit's discernment and gladly, for a fee of $50.00 (because all things God does cost money, right?), can exorcise demons from children to thwart the parents hardship of economic difficulty. A segment aired on Dan Harris's World News broadcast yesterday evening. The video of children's pain and torment as the man bites their flesh and drips burning wax and flame haunt me.

Jesus never abused children or blamed them. He loved them and cherished their innocence and wonder. I can't even imagine the children's pain as they grow up believing they are evil. The man snickered and laughed when the news caster asked him if this was simply a scam to take people's money.

I do not even pray for the salvation of this man. I don't care even for him to realize how wrong he is. I want justice and pain for him. I want him to pay for the unnecessary torture he is causing to young children. If God blames me for wanting him dead, then so be it. I don't know how anyone can watch what he is doing falsely in my Savior's name and wish him compassion.


Angela said...

That is horrific- I hadn't heard of it and it grieves me deeply- especially since my friends are from DR Congo. At the same time, I think that the only way to counteract the violence is to overcome through love. I sure don't have any warm fuzzies for this guy, but is he not deceived as we were before we knew Christ? Plus, what if he came to know love, compassion and putting others first. He may lead all the other horribly demented "pastors" into the truth. We have to overcome the enemy by loving and forgiving to break the cycle. At the same time, Lord have mercy on us and more than anything on those poor children. I hope watch groups will be able to expose these evil practices for what they are.

Karin said...

As someone whom love children passionately... my flesh agrees with you....

however... It was Saul who became Paul and led the Gentiles to the mercy of Yeshua! He shed much blood and now we use his writings to grow are faith... G_d it great!