Sunday, July 26, 2009

Our Hungarian Dinner

Last night we invited our close friends and served a Hungarian feast! We cooked the dessert on Friday and began the main course that day as well and finished it Saturday before everyone arrived. We decorated the dining area with tables for a cafe feel, made name tags for the tables with Hungarian words on the back that everyone needed to memorize and see who could remember the most definitions, and displayed our Hungarian artifacts. We served the meal, had a toast in memory of my Grandmother who passed away, and cut the Hungarian dessert and drank coffee. I was so excited for everyone to arrive and when everyone had gone home I really felt so much joy that we pulled it off and everything was as yummy as it was!

Cooking the dessert! Making a mess! But it was SO worth it!

We had to roll the dessert up by hand and had some spillage, but we remedied the problem with a test-tasting!

Hungary is located in Eastern Europe. We grew up visiting as often as possible. My entire family besides my Dad, Mom, and Sister, still reside in the country.

Our name tags had the Hungarian flag colored on them and a Hungarian word on the back. Before dinner we each read our word and stated the definition and after dessert we discovered who could remember the most words!

My Anya (Mom in Hungarian) and I before our guests arrived.

Bryan and me making coffee!

Our beautiful delicious Hungarian dessert (I'm glad you made me take the photo Angela!)

My baratno (friend in Hungarian) Jessica won the game with 8 out of 9 Hungarian words correct!

My Anya and Bryan and I! Yeah, we did it!

Most of the girls at the party.

And of course the silly boys!


Leah said...

That looks like a wonderful evening!! The dessert looks fabulous, and your mom is so beautiful!

Katie said...

Seeing all of you smiling brought the biggest grin to my face!! You all look like you had an AMAZING time. Your mom seems AWESOME!! You, also, look wonderful!! So glad to see/hear that you all had such a good night!! :)

Anonymous said...

We had so much fun! Thanks again for having us!!!!!!!!!!