Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Just Keep Running

As much as I thought it would be easier, dropping Bryan off 18 miles from our house in the middle of no where was very hard! Last night he was to run 18 miles as a part of his training for the marathon he will run in November. He has been diligent for over 5 months now as he prepares for 26.2 miles of pure exhaustion at San Antonio's Rock 'n' Roll Marathon. We piled into the car around 6:30 pm and zeroed out the mileage counter and drove 18 miles away. As the miles continued I realized how far he was to run and I got very nervous. I can't imagine how he felt! We pulled over finally on the side of the road, prayed, I kissed his shoes and out he went. I drove away with Gracey completely confused as to where Daddy was. For over half of the trip back she sat looking out the window. I think she tried to tell me that something was missing. I ended up going back 2 times to check on him, once to give him a runners light so he wouldn't get hit as he was running mostly in the dark (because of his work schedule), and to also give him water. He just ran by me, drank, and continued on! By the time he got home it was about 10:15 pm. He made it in about 3.5 hours! I was absolutely AMAZED that anyone could have run that far! I am still very shocked that he did it! He has one more huge run of 20 miles before he runs the actual thing and he told me last night he is already not looking forward to it. I will be SO proud to see him cross that finish line.

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Lynn said...

Way to go Bryan!!