Friday, September 25, 2009

A Night of Worship

Yesterday Bryan and I went to see Kari Jobe in concert. He actually sent the tickets as a surprise in a card to me while I was away. I was very excited to see Kari play. But I didn't think I would actually get to meet her and sit with her and talk. Actually it was more like Gracey got all the attention and I said "hi" in the background. Kari was signing her new CD at Mardel and Bryan surprised me and took me there. When we went in, there was no one else there because it was towards the end of her signing so we all got to joke around and talk. She LOVED Gracey! Who wouldn't? Gracey had her dress on and did tricks for her. It was the first famous person she met!!! LOL! We talked about how much we appreciate her music and that it really reflects the beauty of the Lord and His power. We told her that every time we had new foster kids in our home, her music would be playing as they went to sleep. The concert was unbelievably beautiful. I did not want it to be over. It was an honor to meet her. Thank you Bryan!

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