Sunday, September 27, 2009


Bryan and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary on September 1! We had a blast and spent 3 nights at our beautiful Bed & Breakfast. It is our 3 rd time going back here and we always leave so blessed by the owners love for people and the Lord. We went to the Zoo and saw tons of animals...the meerkats were adorable, I want one! We also went to the Movie Grill and saw the Time Traveler's Wife. I am so blessed by Bryan's love. We have so many new adventures to look forward to and many to remember, and we know that our life will always be complete because we are able to share it together.

One new thing we have enjoyed lately is cooking. I don't mean the "grab the frozen lasagna and throw it in the oven" kind of cooking! I mean buy all the ingredients, cut them up, making everything from scratch, kind. It has been very fun. Just yesterday Bryan made the world's best beef pot pie! He could sell it at a restaurant and have very happy customers. I have never really taken time to learn how to cook some good meals and have found joy in creating food and humor in testing it out on Bryan! I haven't failed yet! LOL!

Also please keep Gracey in your prayers. She has been sick now for about a month. We noticed her being a lot more weak and sleeping most of the day. The vet did some tests and said her liver levels and some other blood counts were off. He believes she may have ingested something that caused this affect, possibly even a dog food we remember giving her that was different from her usual stuff. We have been watching her closely, and still she is not herself and it is very worrisome. We followed up on some tests and they seem to be coming down, but still her levels signify that her liver is stressed. We will take her again this week to the vet. She has not been participating in PETS and we miss that a lot too especially since our friend passed away, Randy Eaton. He took his dog, Doc, to do therapy with Gracey and I and I remember many times where he and I talked. His son is also good friends with us and he just married our other friend, Jordan, several months ago. Bryan was able to go to the wake and see Brent, I was in away so I was not able to go, but my heart was with them.


BeckyJoie at Leaders in Learning said...

Anniversary. :>) Sorry Gracey is sick. I will pray.

Kristi said...

I have been following your blog for a while now--I just found it when browsing the blogger blog roll one day--and I've been consistently blessed by it. I live in Abilene, too, so I figured we'd know some of the same people, but I didn't know who until this post. Brent Eaton is one of our very best friends--my husband was best man in their wedding. What a cool connection!

I wanted to ask if you had seen the Nightline debate between the pastor of Fellowship Church in Grapevine and the founder of Ashley Madison corporation. You mentioned the terrible corporation in a post a while back and if you didn't see the debate, you should look it up online. The gospel was shared on national television. Praise the Lord.

And Kari Jobe is awesome!

Leah said...

Oh no, Olivia, I am so sorry to hear about Gracey. I hope she gets better soon. Keep us updated!