Friday, October 30, 2009

Gracey Update

Please pray for Gracey. She has been sick now for nearly 2 months. We noticed lethargic tiredness and no desire to play, and drinking very little water and little urinating back in August and had her checked out. The vet said her Liver Enzymes (ALT) were elevated meaning something was irritating her Liver. We assumed it was either a food we had given her or an allergy and treated it for this for a while, but her levels, particularly her Liver Levels are still significantly elevated. All other counts are normal which shows that it is specific to the Liver. She has had a little more energy and times where she seems herself, but there are also days like yesterday where she barely does anything. She tires easily and if picked up the wrong way yelps in pain. We have not been able to participate much in PETS at the hospital and we miss it so much. Our next plan of action is to have her fast on Monday-Tuesday and bring her to the vet and do a test where they draw blood before she eats and then again 2 hours after she eats. You can only imagine how sad I will be that day without her! After this test, we may have to get an ultrasound to see if there is possibly a shunt in her Liver that could be correctable by surgery. All we know so far is that something is specifically wrong with her Liver that most likely is congenital.

You all know how special Gracey is and we ask that you send prayers up for her to get better and/or that we will find out what is wrong and able to do something to help her.

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Mandy said...

OH, I will pray for little Gracey... I know how hard that must be.