Sunday, October 18, 2009

Homecoming 2009

This weekend was HSU and ACU's Homecoming, so Bryan and I shared events and had a blast. Summer came into town and stayed with us and I seriously didn't want her to leave! We went to Homecoming chapel and watched the confetti and balloons fall at the end, walked around campus and saw the new buildings and worship-ful art pieces, watched HSU play a great game of football and win!!!! (I never knew I liked football until then !), played a little Wii, and then went to the musical. It was the best ACU musical I've ever seen. I laughed the entire time!. I wish all our friends could have made it as well, but it was so much fun to be with Summer and remember all the good times we had at ACU. We talked about our dorm, going to chapel, and sitting in the same section all 4 years, we sat in the quiet rooms and talked, went to Chapel on the Hill and remembered our Youth and Family Ministry chapels there, and of course Summer bought some ACU gear! Ahhh, the good old days! I am so blessed to have wonderful memories of ACU.

Our senior year some friends and I went and just took silly photos around campus and this was one of the ones Summer and I laughed about as we looked through my old albums. We just had to "kinda" reenact it! We look exactly the same as we did in college, don't we???? LOL! I know, I don't at all. Ahhhh, the memories!

Gracey and I walk at ACU a lot and one of her favorite things to do is get a drink from the sink in the girls bathroom! She literally runs into the building straight to the door, leaps up (with complete faith I will catch her) and then waits for me to cup the water in my hand and she drinks. I never really have my camera with me when I go but since we were here for Homecoming stuff I figured I would get a photo of her. Also, Gracey seems to be doing a little better. We tried an herb called Milk Thistle and it seems to be repairing her liver. We will go for another test next week. She has a lot more energy, goes for walks, and plays now, which is a HUGE change. And besides, what kind of post would this be without Gracey?

At the Musical, "Thoroughly Modern Millie." It was fantastic!

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