Thursday, October 29, 2009

New Mexico

We were SO blessed to visit our friends in New Mexico last week for 5 days. I did not want to leave! Of course the area we stayed in was VERY beautiful with weather just perfect for walks in the day and snuggling at night, we ate at some very yummy restaurants and were serenaded!, and the huge mountains were seen everywhere and even turned pink at sunset for only about 5 minutes! God totally did it for me, right? LOL! But I will tell you all this does not slightly even compared to the amount of joy and love I felt by being around Ana and Tim and their family. The Lord is so Amazing in that they were the two people standing next to us the day we got married and our friendship has grown. They have constantly believed in us and have poured out their love for us during some very bad times in our journey and reminded us of the Lord's promises and protection. Ana is a beautiful person who really exemplifies the Lord. To be around them lifted my spirits and allowed me to seek the Lord in a deeper way as I watched their family grow and love. It was a wonderful trip and I hope we get to see them again soon. We talked about going up again when the baby is due in February! Their daughter, Elliana, is such a breath of fresh air who just made me smile and laugh and sit in Awe of how Loving our God is and how the Love of a child to God reveals so many treasures about God's Character.

These first two pictures are the boys jumping! We all laughed SO hard after we took them and saw their faces in the photo! I LOVE it!!!! LOL!!! It was super cold when we took these at sunset on the mountain so you can tell we were cold and trying to keep warm!

Blessings and prayers for Elliana's baby sister! Ana is due in the beginning of February....Bryan insists on the 8th...he is not partial to HIS birthday or anything!?

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