Thursday, October 29, 2009

Our Journey Home

New Mexico was a good 10 hour drive. On the way home we decided to adventure whenever we saw an opportunity to! I had my camera ready and stopped several times to capture what we saw! Gracey actually was more of a tour guide than anything. She was very wilderness-weenie. Look at her go!

This is my absolute favorite photo of that day. I wish I could get it bigger on my site to show all the detail and shadow affects. Gracey was hiding in the cleft of the rock...she is our little Rock badger! I loved the clouds and deep shadows and texture captured here. As you can tell in the next photo, Gracey was pumped and ready to embrace our adventure in the mountains! She is SO cute! She was born for this!

A family shot with mountains behind us. We actually were pulled over on the side of the interstate, set up the stand and just went for it with the timer hoping no big 16-wheeler would ruin the photo.

This is also one of my favorites because the deep blue and clouds in the sky. Bryan was standing on top of the guard rail next to the 3 lane interstate! He is so brave...or he has a very demanding photographer wife who REALLY wanted the shot! He is so sweet to me and willing to pose or even put his life in danger! LOL! But it was worth it, the photo came out beautifully.

Olivia vs. Wild!!! I was being silly and Bryan captured me pretending to be a lioness in the bush! My new camera has a very fast shutter speed so this was basically a 1-2 second move and he caught it! LOL! I'm very sneaky...aren't I? You know you would be terrified if you saw this in the wild! You'd run screaming!!! LOL!

We drove by the biggest pumpkin patch I had ever seen. The sun was setting and it almost looked as though there were thousands and thousands of gold balls everywhere. I was able to see it at the exact point of sunlight to show the golden glow. It lasted about 5 minutes and I couldn't believe we just happened to drive by at that moment! The owner was harvesting and allowed us to take some photos. It reminded me of a conversation I had with Ana days before about this season and the significance of harvesting and how Biblically it symbolizes God's Love for us and His people.

I Praise God for all His Beauty on this earth within people who ask Him in their hearts and with scenic views of splendor. I know it could only reflect a mere taste of what heaven will be like and it creates joy in my heart to even think about it.


BK said...

You are wonderful! You're a terrifying lioness, but wonderful just the same. I love you.

Mandy said...

Beautiful pictures! Don't you just love days like those... :)