Friday, November 06, 2009


One of the most single amazing acts of courage I have ever seen did not come from a man who ran into a burning building to rescue a child, or someone that pushed a woman out of the way from an oncoming car and was hit themselves, or even a father who dodged bullets from an angry person who went on a killing rampage to rescue people in the store he didn't even know. No...oh no, to see real courage, the pure, basic, raw courage, go find someone who has lost everything and then find out to your amazement that they still HOPE. Yes, this is the greatest act of courage I have ever seen. It goes against all their reasoning to HOPE. Their experience may haunt them, but the choice to still go on and HOPE in the Lord completely astonishes me.

It stems from God's Love, covers our hearts and souls and allows us to see beyond pain and suffering and believe in something Greater, Powerful, and Beautiful beyond what words could describe. Hope medicates us and pushes us to persevere towards the unseen. But yet it is unseen- it is by no means un-felt. Sometimes the greatest sense of compassion comes from the One who knows us and can comfort us like no one else could.

And to those who are true Courageous people, keep going because the Lord is pleased with you.

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