Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Maker's Diet

Years ago a popular book took stands and sold in outrageous numbers. I had no clue the book actually sought to honor God with its claim of healthy living and eating. I get very leery of self-help books and find skepticism in my heart with a lot of Christian fix-it readings. I don't like following the crowd as hit items ebb and flow promising this and that when God's Word should be our ultimate assurance.

As a person with an auto-immune disorder that nearly died, I relate a lot to the author Jordan Rubin in his book "The Maker's Diet." Jordan gives his testimony during the first half of the book, backs up his progress towards God's healing with scripture, and explains information that really proves relevant to our bodies. Time after time I caught myself in agreement with his knowledge about symptoms, causes, and solutions. God had been preparing me to read this book for weeks now. I felt called to explore what my body needs to be nurtured and spoke with a friend about it and she recommended the book. I went to the library the next day and checked it out. I had no clue long ago the book was about giving God credit and glory for giving us what we need to be healthy and explained and taught how to do it.

The flip side of knowing this information is that I get very frustrated and discouraged by our worlds influence and provocation to eat unhealthy. I used to joke around that eating healthy is a luxury most cannot afford. But in a way, I feel this is still true. Most of what we are exposed to, what is cheap, and what is yummy to the taste for us is full of nothing but ingredients our bodies are not able to process and draw nutrients from. You begin to wonder how our government can allow it! But our craving for fast solutions (not just in this area of life but in all) in the long run exposes flaws that really inhibit us rather than strengthen. Maybe what's inconvenient and worth working for could help us be healthy, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Because of money and time, we are not always able to eat perfectly. It didn't start with our generation. It began a while back, so in a way our bodies have already been deprived. But we can implement choices that will help us and our families. We don't just honor God in our hearts, but also in our minds, our choices, bodies, and health.

I don't know if this diet could heal me the way it did Jordan. But I know I am craving to eat healthier and give my body what it needs to heal and I believe that honors the Lord. I have been the person who has begged the Lord for healing, whose had wonderful faithful people surround me and pray for healing as well, and who struggles with the days I feel healed, and the days where I feel afraid because my pain is excruciating. But this book is not about following a person or a diet, it is about obtaining information and wisdom that can help. Our world is so broken. In so many ways we are not "feeding" ourselves what we need.

One particularly interesting thing I read about was the use of Biblical spices. In Jerusalem the Old City was truly amazing! I will never forget walking through the maze of stands and stores. One store I remember was full of spices! Not like our American spices in little plastic bottles, but where you could go over to bins and scoop out your own! And there were piles after pile of fragrant smells. I wish I could transport you there to see it. (I am including a photo of the store here!). We bought packages of Hyssop before we came home and use it on bread and pizza (Thanks Melissa for introducing us to this yummy herb!). Jordan speaks about Biblical herbs and spices we can use to not only flavor foods, he explains how they aid the body. During Jesus' time these seasonings helped their bodies fight illness, repaired damaged nerves, and aided with emotional well-being. It is SO interesting and exciting to incorporate into our lives. I just think about that spice shop and wish I had another opportunity to be there! Maybe someday again soon!

You will have to read the book to get a comprehensive list of the herbs/spices and their affects on the body, but for now I will list the top 21 he talks about so you can begin to use them!

Be sure to read up on the herb/spice you may not know about before you use it. (Click on any names above and it will lead you to a link about it). But the best way to learn about it in the context is to read his book. It is just too long to type for me!


Mandy said...

I've seen the title too, and never been too interested in it. But it sounds like something that I should read. Especially going into nursing, it would be important to know about herbal remedies patients might be taking. There are many drug interactions with herbs, so it's always good to be informed. Also I might find something I could recommend! :) Recently I researched the use of ginger for morning sickness (for a presentation), and it has been proven to be healthy and effective at a max of 1000 mg per day for a four day stretch. Good for nausea in general too.

Joyfully said...

You're welcome Olivia! I didn't know you liked zaatar so much! I will surely bring you some when I come next summer. I have learned so much about herbs. You know before there was modern medicine, people were using the things God gave us-- namely herbs, plants and real food for health remedies. You do have to research to know which plants are safe and which are not, but it's so worth it to really know what's going into your body. I don't buy processed foods if I can avoid it. I make my own spaghetti sauce from tomato paste, water and spices. I don't usually buy "organic" but I have been known to pick stinging nettle out of the yard and make potato soup with them in it when my kids are not well. They are so good for you- high in iron like spinach and they taste good too!

BeckyJoie at Leaders in Learning said...

Olivia, I'm glad you found this book and I hope it helps you as much as it did me. Thorugh following this and making healthy lifestyle changes, I was able to reverse my SLE after many years and organ involvement, anti-phospholipd syndrome, etc., etc. through healthy living. I still have traces of the damage but I'm mostly healed. I have had no SLE in my blood or symptoms for some time. (I still have fibromyalgia but it's mild.) I will pray for you either way for healing. You are such a sweet lady. I hope you do get your dream. Your testimony is powerful. We all need to pray for each other, though. It's so challenging to eat right when we are bombarded with food that isn't good for us but tastes good and when it costs an arm, a leg and three toes off the other foot to buy healthy foods.