Monday, November 23, 2009

Making Sense

We've been reading through the Bible. Bryan and I began shortly after we were married, we are nearly done! And then I began myself last year and I am on my way to completing it as well. I have read the Bible a lot throughout High School and College, but never did I complete the whole Book unpurpose with intent to seek God. The New Testament is very wonderful and Awesome! I just hang on every Word and could read it over and over again, and I will. The Old Testament, however, is challenging and, sad to say, boring and difficult at times to prove relevant. I get confused and burdened to read all those weird things that happened. The battles, plagues, and angry curses from God. I've struggle to find meaning in it.

Tonight I finished Jeremiah and realized that the ENTIRE Old Testament is a recording of how desperately we need Jesus! And then, after I've come to that revelation, it makes so much sense for that much of the Bible, God's Word, to lead up to needing our Savior. All those rules, commandments, and God smiting those who made minor mistakes compared to me, or any living in our times, just seem to fall under the Grace of Jesus. Thank God I have Jesus, I wouldn't even stand a chance! I'd be dead, a pillar of salt, or swallowed up by the earth!

It still doesn't make reading Numbers enjoyable-but I get why it's all here-to show us the WHOLE story, to show truly how much Jesus is needed and how even more Amazing He truly is. It's in a sense a prologue to needing Jesus so badly because we are so sinful.

I am so thankful God shows His Love in so many ways, especially by giving us His Word to know, study, and ask for Wisdom from. It takes more than reading it, but a desire for the Holy Spirit to act and reveal the Treasure of the meaning. Praise God for His Truth, for it shows but one thing, He Love us.

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Kristi said...

"Beginning with Moses and all the Prophets, Jesus explained to them what was said in all the Scriptures concerning himself."
Luke 24:27