Saturday, November 28, 2009

My B-day/Thanksgiving

It has been a very enjoyable Thanksgiving and weekend. Thanksgiving was actually my birthday! It is amazing how many people celebrated my birthday with parades in New York, and families gathering around tables full of food! I felt quite honored! (LOL!) Gracey and I did our annual trip to the Meek Children's Hospital and visited some of the sick children, did tricks, and gave and received a lot of joy.
Bryan's Dad came and spent the evening with us as well as Jenn and her precious daughter's, MaeLeigh, and Audriana Rose. We missed Adrian (Jenn's hubby is deployed overseas from October until February). We had a blast cooking, eating, and playing the Wii and our favorite board game as we introduced Bryan's Dad to our beloved "The Settlers of Catan." I knew he was going to love it and win, and sure enough he really was good at it.

I opened some really neat gifts. Bryan wrote me an amazing blessing and had it custom framed. Reading through his words just blew me away with desire to keep going and discover how Amazing the Lord was in my life and how He is working in my present time and for the future. Richard and Diana both spoiled me! Casja sent me the most adorable butterfly serving set and napkin holder. I LOVE them so much. Jenn actually took me out to lunch and a movie today (see my birthday just keeps going and going and going!!!). Tighe sent me a meal, dessert, and get first BLING item for my car! A steering wheel cover with guess what on it....BUTTERFLIES! Seriously I was so blessed by all my cards, texts, e-mails, phone calls, and presents! What a way to spend my last birthday before I am officially old and 30 next year (please for the sake of your health and my emotions do no mention that it will only be a year until I turn this will regret it!)! I Praise God that I am alive and blessed!

Bryan and I are praying a lot for our future as we ask the Lord to provide us with our family. I can't believe a year ago we were rejoicing and expecting, and now things still seem unknown. We have hope and expectation for God to keep working in our lives in this area. I am not sure exactly how this will happen. We are still able to foster-to-adopt, but have not received any calls in a while. It has been good for us to heal and seek the Lord during this quiet time in between placements, but we also long for our family and our hearts grow weary with sadness. Please pray with us? Pray that this Christmas season the Lord would surround us with Hope, and that even when we feel sad as we remember Elora, we will chose to believe and hope for our children in the future.


Mandy said...

I will pray for you guys, Olivia. For some reason I feel very connected with you. I'm so glad that Tracy told me about your blog! I have a million questions I could ask you about your last placement, as I know he was a little boy also. Like-- when did he start sleeping on a regular schedule?! Did he ever? Did he start to feel secure with you guys? He sure looked secure and happy in the pictures, but I know how that can be deceiving...Right now nighttime is a MAJOR struggle for my little guy (and naps).

Katie said...

I had NO IDEA it was your birthday!!!! Here's a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY from our home to yours!!! Also, please know that we will be praying for the expansion of your family. I feel as though you and Bryan would make amazing parents. Ours is not to wonder why, but I can't help my wondering about God's choices for you. I feel like whatever he has in store for you will be truly amazing!! I can't wait to find out what that might be. In the meantime, all I know to do is pray, so pray is what I'll do!! Again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I know we had a feast on your big day!!! ;)

Angela said...

Sorry I missed your birthday! Glad you had a good one. Love you much and HAPPY Belated birthday from the Baggett clan. We are feeling better and back in town now, so maybe we can see each other sometime!!!