Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Praying for Rain

God has been helping me remember acts of faith I observed from my past. One specific time was while I was in college. There was a student who read God's Word and decided he would look like a fool to obey God and cry out to Him for rain. We were in a massive drought. I never knew dryness existed like this! It was so bad that the ground was actually breaking like the cracks you see in desert photos...they rippled and scaled. This one fellow classmate petitioned the Lord, fasted, and prayed for rain at the amphitheater. In fact (if I am correctly remembering) he stayed out there for days and nights on the steps barefoot and prayed for God to open up the sky and bless us. He cried out, begged, bowed, pleaded, and praised God to have mercy on our land. I think there were even flyer's about the prayer intercession asking people to join. I thought it strange at the time, but the intrigue I felt by the godly example this man was taking in leadership was teaching me and challenging me even years after it took place. I knew not everyone understood, but his obedience stayed firm, his expected embarrassment never came. I was so honored to see someone living in faith around me. That is what I've wanted. I wish I drank more and looked for more Wisdom at that time, but God knew the timing where He would reveal things to me in the seaons and ways I would be able to receive them and truly grow and follow.

I think after about a week of this, I am sure he was weary and doubted. I'm sure evil tried to weaken him and embarrass him, the struggle was obvious to others and they made it known, "God is not interested, give up." What a lie! God says to ask and keep asking, He wants to know how badly we want Him. The trial wasn't necessarily about rain, but about what God was doing in the hearts of those who chose not to give up. It really is this way, it's really about trials preparing us to handle such great powerful Wisdom and Understanding that could not take place without our hearts being tested, examined and in the right place.

About another week or so went by and one day before dark, sure enough the skies rained down water. I saw the prayer warriors dancing, literally jumping, smiling, and rejoicing in the Lord on those steps. They didn't have their shoes on, their clothes were soaked, eyes were sunken in from sleep deprivation and fasting. The seeker looked frail and weak, but suddenly energy came back to him and he was alive with thankfulness. I don't remember a lot of things but I can close my eyes and see their faces running around and splashing for joy in puddles forming around us. I don't think he was a prophet, but I do feel like he desired the Lord and sought Him to provide. I'm honored to again have witnessed him portray God's Word as livable and real. I pray he even now allows the Lord to show him "great and unsearchable things." (Jeremiah 33:3)

Our obedience and "foolishness" sets our hearts to seek God and we will never know what our following will change.


Katelyn said...

Where does acting in faith and preparing oneself [selfishly or otherwise]intersect? I have felt a tugging on my heart and I don't know if it is the Father or my own selfish pursuit in order to "make" things happen. I am torn because I believe I am actively waiting, but don't know if I should prepare by doing this one specific thing.

That didn't really constitute a comment concerning your post, but I had to ask.

My email is katelynharlow[at]aol[dot]com. Love you.

Mandy said...

What an amazing thing to see! Sounds wonderful and beautiful to me...