Sunday, November 29, 2009

Punctured "I'm Alive!"

Have you seen Animal Planet's new show "I'm Alive?" Just yesterday I watched an unbelievable survival story from a husband and wife who got swarmed by africanized killer bees (Episode 6, "Out of the Blue"). It was completely horrendous to watch what happened and a relief to know they actually did survive! So needless to say the show had been on my mind ever since then and I've been extra cautious and jumpy. It sets up the scenario in the show with mostly always an unsuspecting victim saying it was "a day like any other," or "nothing seemed like it would go wrong that day." An obvious foreshadowing of things to come.

I decided I would go ahead and cut down our massive intertwining hedge of morning glories as it is getting colder and they are dying until next spring. I went to go get our wheelbarrow to put the cuttings into and transport to the trash in the alley. I thought of the show as I picked up the wheelbarrow and scared myself a little thinking there could have been a snake under there (Half way Katie's fault to for posting about the snake encounter in our city!!!!). So quickly I jerked the wheelbarrow towards me in the corner of the yard and felt a HUGE dagger-like stab in my head. Instantly I knew I had been struck by something very pointy! It was our MASSIVE Yucca Plant. This is no ordinary plant, and even in the realm of Yucca's I think this one surpasses them all. This Yucca stands proudly at the same height as me with spines as long as my arms. The top of the spine is NEEDLE sharp and when it stings its victim a toxic venom is excreted. I had to actually remove my head from the stinger....yes! Oh yes....I'm telling you this was very painful. I got the wheelbarrow to the other side of the yard and I was going to check out my head after I took my gardening gloves off. At that point I felt coolness all along the side of my head. I touched my head and there was blood all over. My hair was wet from it and I felt the bump and it was HUGE. It felt like a grape was under my scalp. I went inside and put a paper towel on it and called Bryan at work. I was kind of scared because the pain was all down my right side and my eyes and ears were hurting. I pressed on the bumped and it seemed to be going down in size.

I spoke with Bryan and was so annoyed that I hurt myself! It hurt SUPER badly. I took some Benadryl in case I was allergic. I write this whole blog really because of Bryan's response to me on the phone when I told him what happened. He of course was worried and felt bad. I was telling him where it was and that I had blood all in my hair and fingers and nails, and his response after I told him I was going to take a shower to get it off was "Oh....but before you do that could you take a picture of it for me?" He wanted to see it so badly. It was hilarious and made me laugh!

I seem to be doing ok now. It hurts really bad and I cannot even lay my head down on that side on my pillow. A shooting type of pain goes around that side of my head, neck, and face. Hopefully tomorrow it will be better. I am glad I did not see any scary snakes! But WOW, I didn't see that injury coming! Maybe I should be on the next show?

I tried to love that Yucca plant! He was a gift to us, but I am not so sure he will be living with us after this episode. I know it is not his fault since he was born that way.
What do you think....


Mandy said...

I say, forgive the Yucca, and try to move I know, he does seem dangerous, but that was just how he was made! Maybe you guys could transplant him to a part of the yard where you are less likely to run into him?

Katie said...

WOW!!! What a story!! I'm sorry to have planted the snake seed in your head. LoL. :) Are you feeling better today? I sure hope so!!

Mandy said...

Thank you so much for your comments about my little one... I am working hard at trying to stay firm and be consistent! I have been singing with him, but not out loud praying with him, so I did that tonight. I did it as kind of a song/prayer, and he was quiet while I was doing it! :)