Sunday, November 01, 2009

What A Nut

Hi! It's me Gracey the Splend-Weenie! Let's go on an adventure together! Scroll down so just the picture shows and what I say! It will be so much fun! Are you ready? Ok....let's GO!!

First we must sniff for the right kind of adventure....the nose always leads to the perfect ones! Oh here we go...I think I'm on to something....

Sniffing is very detrimental to adventuring...we must sniff a lot, and then when you think you might be done sniffing, you must sniff some is only appropriate.

Hey! LOOK! I found something!!!! See!!! This is super cool! I told you about the sniffing,...see we what we found? It always pays off!!!

Alright! Let's play with it! You throw it up in the air and I will catch it...ok, ready????...on the count of three....1....2...3!!!!!!!!

Caught it!

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