Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas at the Lake House

We had a wonderful Christmas at the Lake House. We had snow! There was a very good dinner, too many presents, Catan Settling, and a warm jacuzzi bath...and tons of Chocolate! I wish we could have stayed longer, but Bryan had to be at work early the next day so we left early the next morning after going to bed at 2 AM!

All of us together...even the diggity dogs!

Bryan's Mom with her boys.

Bryan and his Mom.

Opening our stockings.

Fighting over a present labeled "To Bryan AND Olivia."

Settling Catan with our new expansion pieces!

Gracey got a new sweater but it was a LIITLE too small. She tried it as a hat, but just didn't like the way it made her ears look.

Phone Photos

I got a new storage chip for my phone from my Father-in-law for my birthday and have been loving the ability to just snap photos even when I don't have my other two cameras with me. Here are some funny ones that I am sure you will enjoy...

This photo was taken on the way to Christmas at the lake. We left on Christmas day and WOW! We had an adventure getting there since it snowed and there was ice everywhere that morning to where people's cars were stranded on the side of the road everywhere! As we approached I-20 all these trucks were just stranded and still with no one in them and no one going anywhere. It was a very weird eerie thing to see. Tons of trucks were also in parking lots all around the highway. They actually closed down I-20 the evening before and that morning.

Gracey loves to snuggle. Here she is at Christmas while we played Catan. Her favorite thing is to hide her nose. Sometimes she hides her whole head, but I thought it was super cute that this time she just hid her sniffer.

Gracey and I took a walk the day before it snowed, it was HOT that day, like in the 70's! The next morning we were on our way to the lake and her water bowl was still full, but not with water...with ICE!

I wasn't feeling well one day so Gracey and I stayed in our robes and relaxed!

Bryan eagerly waiting for his cookies! He was SO cute!

Bryan and I have a king size bed and we need every bit of it...Gracey really likes to be right in between us. For a while there, every morning I woke up, she was under the covers just like person half way with her head where our heads would be. I snapped this photo...I couldn't help it.

I was on the computer doing something and Bryan was talking to me and I turned around and this is what I saw! I laughed really hard.

Gracey LOVES laundry day. I decided to snuggle her in the toasty warm towels that came out of the dryer. She didn't budge for hours!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Thursday, December 24, 2009

My Niece's Having Fun

My nieces are getting so big! They have been doing art projects this week and Cyndi sent me some photos! I love them!

They made gingerbread houses!

Awwwh! Sweet Bella! She has the right idea!

They also made Grinch masks with Daddy! Isn't that SO funny?


A Candlelit Prayer

Sweet contrast
Orange glow
Portrait's darkening movement
Fire blazing
Flickering dance of the wicks blinding light
An appropriate backdrop for petition
The bent shadow exists
and slight movement is seen
of words from a bowed heart
Reverent prayer ignites
against distinct prominent celebratory shades
Hands join the array of worship
as another silhouette conducts praise
Lips dance with the candled flame
each fulfill their purposed rhythm
Blessed with one glimmer
a man bowed
His eyes closed
And he prays a candlelit prayer

* Last night Bryan got on his knees and prayed over me. In the distance was one small light. The darkness of the room submitted to that one sparkle of Light. All I heard was his petition to God for my healing. His head stayed bowed and his eyes were closed, the only movement seen against the candle lit background was of his mouth expressing his heart. I saw this poem in my mind and wrote it later that night and took a photo of it today as I remember it. I am so blessed that Bryan seeks the Lord and leads our family to trust in Him. Something happens when we seek God sincerely and purely.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Praise the Lord!

Yesterday will be a day I will remember for the rest of my life! Bryan and I completed reading the Bible together! It took 3 years for us to do it and I could barely hold my excitement in as we read through Revelation last night. Honestly I didn't want it to end!

You would think since I went to a Christian High School and University that I would have read the entire Bible, but I never had. I read most of the Old Testament and all of the New Testament, but I always felt sad that I had never read through the whole thing.

Bryan devised a Bible reading plan before I met him and he got a blank sheet out and we began in November 2006. It is really simple: read when you can and as much as you want and mark off the chapters you read. Sometimes we only read a chapter per night and other days we would read an entire 36 chapter book! We read out loud and alternated between paragraphs.

The Lord revealed to me many things as we journeyed through the Word. I began reading it myself a while back and hope to finish this up coming year. Hurray! Thank You Lord for giving us Your Word, Truth, and Hope!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas in Plano

We had our Christmas at Bryan's dad's house this past weekend. We opened presents, settled Catan (I actually won once, go me!) and ate yummy food.

Bryan and his new Djembe (jimbay) drum! He decided, with a little help, to wear the strap on his head!

A fun tradition are these little celebration poppers that have toys and a crown in them!

The boys Settle Catan! Bryan played 5 games that night!

Bryan with his brothers and dad.

All of us together! (Gracey likes her side portrait better)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

After Careful Consideration

Upon careful consideration (including your opinions) and a lengthy apology we have decided to keep Yucca. Please pray he doesn't find the need to lash out in anger upon my fragile head again.


Faith collides with the world
Scientific proof
Known within the soul
One makes the other a fool
Yet One remains
Where did belief label us irrational?
How has fact become hazardous enough to banish?
As an insult, pride and judging?
It is mocked upon and ridiculed
Unfairly criminal
Yet Pride clings tightly to the rise of lies
only Truth is offensive when actually lived
Targeted, because it casts away darkness
Standing for Truth physically enables attack
"Judgemental people!!!"
All because Truth exists and can be found
They didn't create it, God did
How can there be pretend?
A reflection of hearts towards God, not ourselves
A people who persevere and are looked down upon for having faith
Yet LIES freely take stage with greedy resentment cultivated and grown to hate
Produced to annihilate the One and only True Way, Jesus Christ
And it begins

Saturday, December 12, 2009


I haven't been writing a lot and I miss it. I just seem to be in an intense emotional time as I seek the Lord through a lot of things in my past (this time last year), and petition Him for my future, that I would Believe in His Promise and not be afraid. Please pray for me, I have been feeling very sad and sometimes angry because I miss Elora and my heart hurts for the war-ish battle in my heart that goes on everyday leaving me feeling completely exhausted although I slept most of the day. I need God's Joy, Wisdom, and Love to be in me and not lies from the enemy. I think when we are so close to really choosing something that states faith in God, that situation gets attacked. I don't like talking about this, I am sure no one does. I'd rather go on and pretend that things are great, but I know I need prayers as the Holiday's come around. I find myself having a bad attitude stemmed from sadness and the trauma of what happened. I must remind myself the true meaning of Christmas, and that there are thousands of people hurting worse than I am. When I ask myself what I truly believe about God, it always comes back to Loving Him. I just let myself and my desires get in the way sometimes and that is when I begin feeling sorry for myself. I want to write and speak as though I completely know the Lord is working amazing things as in regards to Bryan and I having a family. I just weary on how long I hold on to Faith and Hope and then get my heart broken and then keep going. He just wont let go of me, and I cannot of Him. I want to look back after we see God's miracle and know I fought hard to keep believing in His Promise however that may happen.

So I haven't been able to formulate a blog and even at this entry I am hesitant to post it because I just don't feel like I am accurately expressing my heart. I am not hopeless, but tired. And because of last year, I feel like all the terrible things that have happened to me are being played back in my head. I must fight back with scripture and prayers!

On another note, and "I Needa Laugh" note...Bryan bought me beautiful pink cowgirl boots for our anniversary! I love them so much and wear them whenever I get the chance! Did I mention I love them? He found a comic to show how I feel...