Wednesday, December 16, 2009

After Careful Consideration

Upon careful consideration (including your opinions) and a lengthy apology we have decided to keep Yucca. Please pray he doesn't find the need to lash out in anger upon my fragile head again.


Mandy said...

I realized after I had posted my opinion on whether or not to keep the Yucca that I had not commented at all about your poor head!! Gasp...I can't believe I was so unfeeling. I hope you are feeling much better now! :)

Ami said...

As an experienced gardener, dangerous plants should have 'dead area' around them - this can be rock gardens, pots or a flower bed.

Anyway, this kind of thing happens alot. It goes with the territory.

My worst was in a wind storm I climbed up 5-6 meters up a cypress tree to top it as I saw it was about to be blown over. Sawing on the tree bent in the wind, I didn't think what what would happen when the top came off and release the weight on the trunk. The one foot diameter trunk sprung back and hit me square between the eyes. Fortunately, I managed to not get thrown to the ground. Blinded with blood,I finnally found someone who was able to get me to a doctor.

I still have the scar - just like Harry Potter. LOL

Don't take it out on the plant. Next time - safety first!