Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Candlelit Prayer

Sweet contrast
Orange glow
Portrait's darkening movement
Fire blazing
Flickering dance of the wicks blinding light
An appropriate backdrop for petition
The bent shadow exists
and slight movement is seen
of words from a bowed heart
Reverent prayer ignites
against distinct prominent celebratory shades
Hands join the array of worship
as another silhouette conducts praise
Lips dance with the candled flame
each fulfill their purposed rhythm
Blessed with one glimmer
a man bowed
His eyes closed
And he prays a candlelit prayer

* Last night Bryan got on his knees and prayed over me. In the distance was one small light. The darkness of the room submitted to that one sparkle of Light. All I heard was his petition to God for my healing. His head stayed bowed and his eyes were closed, the only movement seen against the candle lit background was of his mouth expressing his heart. I saw this poem in my mind and wrote it later that night and took a photo of it today as I remember it. I am so blessed that Bryan seeks the Lord and leads our family to trust in Him. Something happens when we seek God sincerely and purely.

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Mandy said...

Just beautiful. I love how you two lean on God so much; it's the only way to really get through life. I hope someday to find a husband who will be that same way!