Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Faith collides with the world
Scientific proof
Known within the soul
One makes the other a fool
Yet One remains
Where did belief label us irrational?
How has fact become hazardous enough to banish?
As an insult, pride and judging?
It is mocked upon and ridiculed
Unfairly criminal
Yet Pride clings tightly to the rise of lies
only Truth is offensive when actually lived
Targeted, because it casts away darkness
Standing for Truth physically enables attack
"Judgemental people!!!"
All because Truth exists and can be found
They didn't create it, God did
How can there be pretend?
A reflection of hearts towards God, not ourselves
A people who persevere and are looked down upon for having faith
Yet LIES freely take stage with greedy resentment cultivated and grown to hate
Produced to annihilate the One and only True Way, Jesus Christ
And it begins

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